Welcome to  This Alaska Shipwreck web site is loaded with information, stories, details and comments about all of the shipwrecks known to have taken place on the waters in and near Alaska.  Knowing the details of past shipwrecks can help prevent future shipwrecks.  The ALASKA SHIPWRECKS book, available in the right hand column, is a concentration of all of the information on this site.  The more people that have a copy of the ALASKA SHIPWRECKS book, the more likely that the information in the book can be used to prevent more shipwrecks.  In an attempt to circulate more copies, I have reduced the price by 80%.  You can now download all 864 pages for only $2.

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In addition, I have made available a 12 month calendar that can be downloaded for $1.  It is also available in the right hand column.  The calendar is 12 printable pages with a page for each month from January to December.  Each day of the month has a significant wreck marked on it that happened on that day in Alaska History.  Some days have more than one wreck detailed.  More information about the wrecks mentioned on the ALASKA SHIPWRECKS calendar can be found in the ALASKA SHIPWRECKS book.

There are no pictures in the book or on the calendar. Both downloads are in pdf format, which is common to most computers and other digital devices. If you require html,  jpeg or some other format, please contact me. I respond immediately.

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The reference book ALASKA SHIPWRECKS is now available for purchase in digital format.  Just click the link on the right hand side of this page that says ALASKA SHIPWRECKS book.  It is an 864 page 10 MB download that condenses all of the information available on this website into a pdf file reference book for personal use.   Most of the information detailed in this volume has never before been available to the general public.  The book that can be downloaded here is in pdf format.  There are 3,624 Alaska Shipwrecks listed alphabetically A to Z and chronologically from 1750 to 2011.  The wrecks include names, places, people and other information of interest. Many wrecks have first hand stories of the disasters. There is a list toward the back of the book with the names of all people lost in maritime accidents from 1972 to 2009.  These also have supporting information.  This list includes all of the fishermen lost in the boom years of the crab industry.  I have downloaded ALASKA SHIPWRECKS to my cell phone, a Samsung smart phone, and was able to do word searches. I did a phrase search of the Month and Day of my birthday and found 33 shipwrecks that happened that same Month and Day.

For those of you who use the ALASKA SHIPWRECKS book on a digital device with applications or software, more informational searches can be done depending on what you are using.  The file available here on is in Adobe pdf format which is compatible with most systems.  A free copy of Adobe Reader can be downloaded from the internet in many places.  In Adobe Reader there is a drop-down menu on the find box that allows you to use a full reader search.  This counts and list all of your hits when you do a search and displays them alongside whichever one you are reviewing.  For example, if you search Shelikof Strait it tells you you have 52 instances where that phrase is found and lists them all with a few introductory words from each.  That is displayed in a column on the right side of the page and the first item on the list is displayed on the left.  You simply highlight an item on the list to the right and that item shows up on the left.  You can search things like canned salmon or copper ore and find out what boats sank carrying that cargo.  You can search a family name such as Petersen and find how many Petersens survived, were lost, owned or had something to do with a shipwreck.  You can search a location like Middleton Island and find all the boats that were lost at that location.  Oddly enough even words like sea serpent or moose have shipwrecks that involve those creatures.

The possible uses for ALASKA SHIPWRECKS in digital format are endless.  A much larger version with pictures and revisions will be available in print some time in the future.

Web Alaska Shipwrecks Cover copy smaller The ALASKA SHIPWRECKS Book

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Finding an Alaska Shipwreck or Lost Alaskan Fisherman

If you are looking for a boat or ship and know the name, click on the Alaska Shipwrecks A-Z link above and search the alphabetical listings.  If you know a fisherman’s name and about when they were lost click on the Alaska Recent Maritime Losses 1972-2009 link above and read through the years when the loss occurred.  If you are interested in shipwrecks from a particular area click on the Shipwrecks by Area 1740-1940 link above and search in the area of your particular interest.  If you are interested in a particular period in history or an individual year click on the Alaska Shipwrecks 1729-2010 and download the chronological pdf file of the BOEM Alaska Shipwreck List by clicking on the link shown.

This website is far from complete but contains thousands of pages of useful information about Alaska Shipwrecks.  ALASKA SHIPWRECKS is now available as a pdf file book that can be purchased and downloaded.  Just click on the book store link on the right side of this page and you will be directed to the Alaska Shipwrecks Bookstore page.  I have only figured out how to process payments through Paypal, but will work on other options soon.  Thank You for Visiting and Smooth Sailing….  Captain Warren Good

Web 1972 Anton Larson Bay Finding an Alaska Shipwreck or Lost Alaskan Fisherman

Those lost overboard, off of the dock, and out of skiffs are listed in the 1972-2010 Maritime Losses Section

Please respect copyrights

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Keeled Over in Alaska, a plea to Alaskan Shipwreck Survivors

Many thousands of boats and ships have keeled over and been lost in Alaskan waters.  Along with those were thousands of crew members and passengers who lost their lives with little or no warning.  A good percentage of the tragedies have no known evidence to be reviewed to prevent the same disaster from striking again.  Alaska hides her violent past within a rugged marine wilderness and treacherous weather environment.

In addition to the lives lost, there are tens of thousands of lives that have been changed by the psychological insult that an Alaskan Shipwreck provides. By my estimates there are between five and ten thousand living Survivors of Alaskan Shipwrecks.   If you are one of those shipwreck survivors, your story needs to be told.  You may unknowingly hold the key to preventing another loss of life.  You may remember an odd or bizarre thing that happened during the wreck that may be very important.

It is within the realm of possibility that the documented explanations of many shipwrecks are slightly short of the mark when it comes to explaining the exact circumstances that led to disasters being reported.  Government agencies shouldered with the responsibility of documenting maritime disaster often use expressions like “operator error”, “unstable due to overloading” or “captain was disoriented” to explain a loss.  They are catch-all phrases commonly used when something unexplained happens and often no survivors are there to tell the story.  ”Unexplained” is not an acceptable answer on agency forms that must be filled out for a shipwreck report.  If you saw, experienced or were told about a shipwreck, I would like to hear from you.  You may have explanations or a piece of the puzzle that you may not be aware of.  No matter how minuscule the observation or ridiculous the information, I would like to have the chance to compare your story to other stories I have heard or seen.  It could be very important.  Nothing sent in will be posted without your consent.

This is about saving lives, not making headlines.  I have been working at this Alaska Shipwreck project for more than three decades.  I have studied all the known shipwreck reports and lists from the past 200 years.  I worked in the Alaskan commercial fishing fleet for several decades as well.  Many of my close and personal friends disappeared or were lost with little or no explanation.  Some of the explanations given on the formal reports just don’t fit the circumstances in cases where I have personally known the captains and crews lost.  I am desperate for explanations.  Tell your grand kid the story and let them send it in.  I don’t care, just send it.  Nothing can be posted on this site without my approval.  Thanks in advance…Captain Warren “Pogo” Good

cropped 1988 BSM Scenic Keeled Over in Alaska, a plea to Alaskan Shipwreck Survivors

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Alaska Shipwreck Awareness

One of the primary objectives for this review of the shipwrecks of Alaska is to shed more light on all of the marine disasters that have taken place.  Obscured by time, many of the mishaps and disasters have been forgotten.  Unfortunately the factors that led to them still lurk and humans still make mistakes.  Several important purposes can be served by a thorough evolutionary review of Alaska Shipwrecks

  • Remember those who were lost and the what, when, how and where that led to the disasters.
  • Review the circumstances that led to the losses as information becomes available.
  • Locate sites and identify the value of wrecks and wreck sites.
  • Study the dynamics and dangers present to possibly forewarn the unwary.
  • Evolve shipwreck prevention and location technology.

Web Seawitch 1989 Alaska Shipwreck Awareness

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Alaska Shipwrecks

Alaska Shipwrecks is a work in progress.  In time it will include a review of all losses of life and vessels in and near the navigable waters of Alaska.  It is a preview of an Encyclopedia of Alaska Shiprecks I will publish in the future.  I dedicate this site to the memory of my many friends and acquaintances lost in and around the Alaska Commercial Fishing Industry who left port and never returned.  If you knew someone who was lost please remember them by posting at the end of the page where their loss is noted.  Thank you all who visit this Alaska Shipwrecks site.  Please respect copyrights.  Warren Good

Copy of 1974 Chenega 281 Alaska Shipwrecks

Early in my fishing career catching Kodiak King Crab

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