Alaska Commercial Fishing and other Maritime Losses of 1975

February 20, 1975

The 90 foot wood hulled fishing vessel Marten struck a pinnacle off of Spruce Cape four miles north of the town of Kodiak and sank. Two of the four crewmen swam away from the wreck and clung to a cliff all night through a snowstorm.  Only one survived, Jeff Alexander, who had the lowest body temperature ever recorded in a living human when he was taken to the hospital.  Mike Rowe, Jim Rich, and Deere Alioski were lost.

April 22, 1975     Two persons were lost when their small unnamed skiff foundered in Valdez Narrows.  A three inch hole was found in the hull.

June 16, 1975     The gillnet fishing vessel Cynthia Rea grounded and sank on Zarembo Island, 30 miles south of Petersburg.  Three people were lost.

June 21, 1975     Frank Phillips or North Bend, Oregon was lost when his 32 foot diesel fishing vessel Forester collided with the Alaska State Ferry Malaspina and sank in Olga Strait.

August 21, 1975     A captain’s two daughters lost their lives when an unnamed fishing vessel capsized near Cordova.

September 16, 1975     One person was lost when an unnamed fishing vessel capsized while fishing for reds in Vallenar Bay, north of Ketchikan.

November 4, 1975     Robert (Bob) Dennison was lost off of the fishing vessel Airedale while fishing crab in the Bering Sea.  He was washed off of the side of the boat while chaining down a load of crab pots to the side rail.

December 7, 1975     The 89 foot shrimp fishing vessel Western went missing in the northern Gulf of Alaska in a storm after issuing a Mayday.  She was on her way up from Seattle with her last Port of Call at Pelican bound for Kodiak.  No sign of the Western or the three crewmembers was ever found.  Lost were Clifford Huddleston, Carl Pedersen and Vernon Pound.

December 20, 1975     One person was lost when an unnamed fishing vessel capsized at Peratrovich Island near Klawock.

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  1. Tim Johnson says:

    I knew every one on the Marten. Mike Rowe was a good friend. I had a house on Spruce Cape at the time of the sinking. Those guys died about a mile from where I was hunkered down in my cozy living room. Does anyone know what became of Jeff Alexander? I believe he was the skipper.

    • Allison Alexander says:

      Jeff Alexander is my father. Unfortunately he has been deceased since 2006. His death was not fishing related. I myself feel connected to the story of the Marten and have pictures of it and share the story my father shared with me. Thank you for keeping the memories alive of those who were lost

      • Jon Alexander says:

        Would like to talk to you one day. Jon Alexander, Jeff and Jason’s cousin. Jack and Pat Alexander were my mom and dad.

    • Andy says:

      I have just recently come across this thread while researching the ship I believe my uncle (Don McIlrath) worked on. I am curious if anyone was familiar with the name. Supposedly he once logged out of Whale Pass and then moved on to fish on the Marten, due to a head injury he left the crew and never returned to Alaska. I recall him telling me about a British guy filling in for him and he said he never came back because his father had a bad feeling about the situation…

      • captaingood says:

        The person who was lost that replaced your Uncle was probably Mike Rowe. He was from Great Britain from what I have heard. The only survivor when the Marten sank was skipper Jeff Alexander and he passed a few years ago. The owner is gone now as well, so finding someone who remembers your uncle Don McIlrath may be a challenge. I was there in Kodiak when the tragedy unfolded and knew Jeff Alexander. I didn’t know any of the other crewmembers or people in the crew rotation. That is what we called crewmembers who were off the boat but may be coming back on. They were always preferable to potential new crewmembers who weren’t familiar with the boat and its gear. Many boats had a list of crewmembers in the crew rotation that they kept in contact with and called upon when one of the other deckhands needed time off to recover from the rigors of the work. Injuries were common and those recovering from them were usually kept in the crew rotation. That is likely what your Uncle Don’s status was when the Marten sank.

  2. Tim Johnson says:

    Hello Allison :

    I am sorry for your loss. Your father went long before he should have.

    Small world : In late August my wife met your cousin Sean at the Alaska State Fair.
    She called me and put Sean on. We shared contact info and my intention is to
    contact him further. I have been urged by many to write about the Marten.

    Should you have more to share and wish to contact me – you may do so in any
    of the following methods.

    1)Find me on Facebook. (Clue: Palmer Alaska)

    2)Find me and my wife Barbara in the Palmer Alaska Phone book
    (we have a 907-745 prefix)

    3)Contact me by going to my website at and click on
    the “Contact” link at the left side of the screen under the picture.

    4)Contact me with this temporary email address:
    Please note that the email address is temporary and the minute I start getting
    spam at it, I will cancel it.

    5)Or contact me through Sean.

    Tim Johnson

  3. captaingood says:

    I was out on the search for the Western in 1975 off the south end of Kodiak. Go over to my Facebook page called Alaska Fishermen RIP, click on photo and then click on album. There is a sequence of pictures I took the night your Dad was lost in a album called The Loss of the Western. There is another album called Lost Fishing Vessels and Crew that has the year 1975 posted in it. One of the posts on the thread in 1975 is from your cousin Rebecca Wright. Your father was her Uncle on her mother’s side. Rebecca also lost her Uncle on her father’s side; Carl Pedersen on the Western. I have heard Rebecca Wright’s sister, Annamarie Woolfolk mention your Dad. Your cousins Anna (Annamarie Woolfolk) and Becky (Rebecca Wright) are both on Facebook and probably remember your Dad well. They would have some stories for sure. Anna years later married my best friend who was with me when I took the pictures going out to try to help the Western. A twist of fate.

  4. Donald E. Bodron says:

    For Captain Good: I have quite a bit of information and photographs of the MARTEN disaster from February 20, 1975 at Spruce Cape, Kodiak Island. Can share if interested.
    Regards . . .

  5. Gary Setbacken says:

    I fished on the Marten 1969 1970
    Jim Fisk was the skipper

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