Alaska Commercial Fishing and other Maritime Losses of 1979

February 6, 1979     The crab fishing vessel Edna B was consumed by fire and lost 25 miles south of Seward.  All four crewmembers made it to the beach and took shelter in a cabin.  One of the four perished before they were rescued by the U S Coast Guard cutter Jellison five days later.  The crew’s radio signal had been picked up by a man in Washington State and relayed to the Coast Guard in Alaska.

February 28, 1979     The 139 foot Alaska Roughneck ran aground and rolled over in Cold Bay near King Cove.  Skipper Eugene Love and deckhand Dan Buarnard were lost.  Two others survived.

March 30, 1979     Darren Kelly drowned in a skiff accident near Kodiak.

April 20, 1979     Three people were lost from an unnamed small boat near Ideal Cove south of Petersburg.

June 12, 1979     The 52 foot Restless C capsized in Hallo Bay. Two of the four crewmen were rescued by the vessel Awtam. The two lost were Ron Cochrane and H Q Hall.

June 14, 1979     An unnamed private boat struck a submerged piece of ice and sank in Kotzebue Sound.  Two of the three men on board crawled over the ice floes to shore but a third man was lost during the five hour journey.

July 5, 1979     Three persons were lost when an unnamed skin boat capsized in the surf while attempting to beach near the mouth of Cripple Creek, 12 miles northwest of Nome in Norton Sound.

July 5, 1979     The Japanese fishing vessel Hokuto Maru No 5 sank after a collision with the Japanese fish processor Tsuda Maru southwest of Saint Paul Island in the Bering Sea.  Six crewmembers from the Hokuto Maru were lost.  20 other crewmembers from the two vessels were rescued by the U S Coast Guard.

August 20, 1979     John Yakanak Sr of Kodiak fell overboard and was lost off of the vessel the Miss Diedre anchored in Akhiok Harbor.

September 14, 1979     The barge Yakutat drug anchor and was washed to the mouth of the Kaliakh River where a large wave washed two men overboard and sunk the vessel.  A 15 year old girl clung to the wreckage until she was able to swim to shore the following morning.  Both men were lost.

November 23, 1979     The 60 foot vessel Hellion was lost in a storm with 70 knot winds and 20 foot seas in the vicinity of Unimak Pass while hauling crab pots to winter storage at Beaver Inlet.  Lost were captain/owner Ronald Hoffman, Walt Laughhead  and Aaron Going.

December 5, 1979     Three adults and seven children were lost from the Canadian gillnet fishing vessel Salintna.  The gillnetter departed Prince Rupert, British Columbia December 2nd on a day trip to Portland Inlet.  The Salintna was found badly damaged washed up on a beach at Tree Point, Alaska 46 miles north of Prince Rupert.  There were no survivors.  Lost were Roy Mostad (44), his three children Tommy (13), Robert (9) and Tina (9), Judy Stevens (30) and her three children Lyle (7), Nadine (6) and Roselle (4), and Wendy Stevens (27) and her daughter Angie (4).

December 18, 1979     James Horsefield was lost when the 105 foot Columbia sank at Unalaska.

December 19, 1979     The fishing vessel Rough Draft wrecked near the Inian Islands off of Elfin Cove with the loss of the two persons on board.  Lost were David Michael Kennedy and a second crew member also named Kennedy.

December 25, 1979     30 Taiwanese crewmembers perished when the 741 foot Japanese ore ship Lee Wang Zin struck a reef 60 miles north of the Queen Charlotte Islands in Dixon Entrance and capsized.  The vessel drifted to Kendrick Bay on Prince of Wales Island where she grounded.  The U S Coast Guard later attempted to tow the vessel to deep water and scuttle her, but she broke her tow line and sank nine miles south of Forrester Island In 1000 feet of water.

4 Responses to Alaska Commercial Fishing and other Maritime Losses of 1979

  1. April Maun says:

    My dad was the captain of the Rough Draft that sank December 19 1979. His name was David Micheal Kennedy. He was not found. His crewman’s last name was Kennedy also. He was found dead with life suit half zipped. Thank you for posting. Glad I found your site.

  2. November 23, 1979; vessel Hellion
    Ronald Hoffman was the owner/captian and Walter Laughhead the crew member

    In the book ALASKA SHIPWRECKS: Volume III – Southwest, West, Central and North Alaska, it is correct.

    • captaingood says:

      Thank You Irene. I have corrected the owner information on this site as well as the spelling of Mr. Laughhead. I will edit my ALASKA SHIPWRECK books as well. Thank you for the information. RIP Ron Hoffman, Walt Laughhead and Aaron Going.

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