Alaska Shipwrecks 1729-2011

This section contains chronological tables of all known, referenced or recorded shipwrecks in Alaskan waters.  The seven tables are the product of many years of research by Captain Warren Good.  Each entry contains the Year, Vessel Name, Area of Alaska, Vessel Size, Vessel Type, Lives Lost and Number of Survivors.  Additional details about specific wrecks can be found by looking up the vessel name in the A-Z section of this site.

(1750-1799)    (1800-1899)    (1900-1925)    (1926-1950)    (1951-1975)    

(1976-2000)    (2000-2011) 

S S Aleutian

S S Aleutian


Much of the information available on this site can be found and substantiated in Marine Historian Michael Burwell’s maritime research while with the Federal Government and the BOEM from 1984 until 2010.  Some of Mr Burwell’s work is available in a 610 page chronological shipwreck table published by the United States Department of Interior, Bureau of Energy Management.   The 2011 version  is available as a pdf file by clicking on the following link:

http://www.boem gov uploadedFiles BOEM About Regions Alaska Region Ships 2011 Shipwreck

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