The ALASKA SHIPWRECKS book by Captain Warren Good is available on CD.   ALASKA SHIPWRECKS is an accounting of all known shipwrecks and maritime losses in and near Alaska in the past 250 years. Most of the information that is presented in detail has never before been available to the general public. The first CD release in 2014 was 869 pages of valuable information available for only $7.95. The book was 869 pages but has evolved. As of September 12, 2016 it is 925 pages.  The 2014 release of the book  contained 3,630 vessel losses in both alphabetical and chronological order.  The 2016 release has 3,704 vessel losses. The price is still the same, $7.95 with free shipping. My payment platform is down for the moment, so if you are interested in a CD, please contact me directly at: and I will get one to you.

ALASKA SHIPWRECKS has three sections, an alphabetical A-Z section, a chronological section detailing wrecks from 1750-2011 and a list of lives lost from 1972-2009. The A to Z section has the most detail, with stories, dates, locations, people involved, vessel details, comments and sources.  The second section lists the disasters in the order that they happened, from 1750 to 2011.  This section is broken into seven tables; Before 1800, 1800-1899, 1900-1925, 1926-1950, 1951-1975, 1976-2000 and 2000-2011.  Each table contains the year, vessel name, size and type vessel, general area, number of people lost and number of survivors.  The third section is a chronological list of people lost in maritime accidents from 1972 to 2009.  It includes the names of most of the fishermen lost in the boom years of the crab industry.  ALASKA SHIPWRECKS is being released as a digital file to facilitate word and/or phrase searches.  The book was researched and compiled by retired Alaska Commercial Fisherman Warren Good.  Captain Good worked the waters of Alaska from Ketchikan to Kiska to Kotzebue during the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s.  He displays the perspective of a seasoned sailor in his many comments throughout the work.

Shipping for ALASKA SHIPWRECKS: 1750-2010  on CD is free within the continental United States, Hawaii and Alaska.  The CD is in Adobe .pdf format which is compatible with almost all computers, laptops and other digital devices. A free copy of Adobe Reader can be found on the internet with a simple search. If you have any questions please contact


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    1. The current Alaska Shipwrecks book on CD is priced the same as the one advertised on this page. The information in my ALASKA SHIPWRECKS: 1750-2010 is updated on a regular basis and those updates are included in the CD. Today, the CD is 925 pages of useful information. The shipping is still free. I will update this page to reflect that, now that you have brought my attention to it. Thanks…

  1. I have attempted to purchase the Alaska Shipwrecks book on CD, but 3 times now have received this “Fatal Error” flag when attempting to pay for it. Please let me know how I can purchase this item. Thank you.
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  2. To whom it may concern,

    I would be interested in obtaining a copy of the Alaska Shipwreck CD. Please advise about it’s availability and cost.

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