January 17, 2011     Oracio Jimenez Gomez (34) of Arizona died in his sleep aboard the Ocean Prowler while fishing Pacific Cod near St. Paul Island. Gomez had been suffering from the flu.

March 13, 2011     Master of the fishing vessel Lady Taelyr died of unknown causes while at anchor in Monashka Bay, 10 nautical miles north of Kodiak.

March 16, 2011     Chief steward Michael Fitterer died of natural causes aboard the 280 foot fishing vessel Golden Alaska on the Bering Sea fishing grounds west of Saint Paul Island in the Pribilof Islands.

May 18, 2011     Five people were lost when a 20 foot clam skiff from Pacific Alaska Shellfish Company swamped between Crescent City and Polly Creek in Cook Inlet.

May 25, 2011     A 55 year old male Japanese citizen was lost overboard from the 226 foot fishing vessel Alaska Victory in the vicinity of Togiak Bay. Abe Tsuneo was attempting to untangle a paravane from a trawl when he stumbled and fell out the trawl ramp.

August 27, 2011     Moses Kosbruk (43), of Perryville, went missing from the anchored fishing vessel Antoinette Renee in Chignik Lagoon.

September 9, 2011     A 21 year old crewman from the fishing vessel Lady Ashley fell off of a cliff in Halibut Bay and died as a result of his injuries.

October 24, 2011     A 34 year old male died while cucumber diving in 20 feet of water in the vicinity of Auke Bay.

November 9, 2011     Filisi Sui died aboard the 192 foot fishing vessel Alaska Warrior in Unalaska Bay of a preexisting condition.