March 24, 2013     Steven O. Sauer collapsed with no pulse aboard the American Beauty 70 nautical miles southeast of Saint George Island in the Bering Sea. The crew attempted to revive Sauer but he died of arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease and left ventricular hypertrophy.

May 3, 2013     Marvin H. Love Jr. (46) of King Cove, skipper of the fishing vessel Taurus was lost overboard near Belkofski.

June 19, 2013     A crewmember died after falling overboard from the fishing vessel Swift near Porpoise Island.

June 27, 2013     Charles (Chuck) Baker (82) was lost as a result of burns suffered during an ammonia leak aboard Eigil B at Sitka.

July 4, 2013     A crewmember of the fishing vessel Aleut Sisters fell on the engine shaft and was killed in Chignik Lagoon.

July 4, 2013     A crewman was killed in a fire aboard the Pauline II at Egegik

July 6, 2013     Lewis Byerly (55) of Homer lost his life aboard the 62 foot fishing vessel Anna Lane when he became entangled in the anchor tackle while hauling back the anchor in Cook Inlet.

September 17, 2013     Garrett Hagan (25) was lost in a skiff accident from his passenger/fishing vessel Abundance near the Chickamin River entrance in Behm Canal.

October 6, 2013     Erman “Tony” Fonzi (33) was lost when an aluminum skiff capsized in Deep Bay near Cordova.

October 7, 2013     Peter McNeal of Wasilla fell from a skiff and was lost while transferring to the tug Sam B near Ship Creek.

October 8, 2013     Levi Adams (32) of Leawood, Kansas was lost in a diving accident from the fishing vessel Ostrich. Adams had been sea cucumber diving in the vicinity of Mountain Point.