Alaska Commercial Fishing and other Maritime Losses of 1983

January 25, 1983     The fishing vessel White Gull disappeared with three people on board between Pelican and Yakutat.

February 14, 1983     The 125 foot Americus rolled over and sank 70 miles NW of Dutch Harbor with the loss her seven crewmembers; captain George Nations, his son Jeff Nations, Brent Boles, Larry Littlefield, Paul Northcut, Victor Bass and Rich Awes.

February 14, 1983     The 125 foot Altair capsized and sank 70 miles NW of Dutch Harbor with the loss of her crew of seven: captain Ron Biernes, Jeff Martin, Tony Vienhkje, Brad Melvin, Mark Breckenridge, Troy Gudbranson and Randy Harvey.

March 12, 1983     Robert McElliott was lost overboard from the 65 foot Magnum Force near Cape Alitak.

March 12, 1983     Justina McGlashin Stepetin (27) of Akutan was lost when the 68 foot Sea Hawk capsized and sank east of Umnak Island.  The rest of the crewmembers were picked up by the Coast Guard Cutter Boutwell.

April 7, 1983     The tug Lou Ann sank 145 miles southeast of Cordova with the loss of her five crewmembers.  The barge Sherry Lee, that the Lou Ann was towing, was found beached.

April 16, 1983     Three people were lost when the longline fishing vessel Aloha hit a rock and sank in Crawfish Inlet, southeast of Sitka.

May 16, 1983     The trawler Noreen Ann flooded and sank when a plank cracked five miles west of Cape Lookout, Dall Island.  Two people on board were lost.

August 1, 1983     The 120 foot crab fishing vessel Ocean Grace capsized and sank August 14, 1983 approximately 22 miles northwest of Dutch Harbor in the Bering Sea.  Only one of the five on board survived.  Lost were skipper Harold Pedersen (46) of Edmonds, Randy R Ficks (27) of Seattle, Annette Fletcher (24) of Port Townsend and Jim P Converse (28) of Engadine, Michigan.  Survivor Jeff Anderson (30) of Everett, Washington was thrown clear of the Ocean Grace when a large wave struck and overturned her.  He managed to find and board the life raft and was picked up more than 24 hours later by a Panamanian ship.  Anderson was then transferred to the fishing vessel Miss Blue and transported to Dutch Harbor.

August 13, 1983     The 50 foot seiner Providence sank while at anchor in Thorn Arm, 18 miles S of Ketchikan with the loss of three of her crew of seven.  Lost were Chad Evans, Bill Davis and Richard Hall.

September 1, 1983     The 86 foot Golden Viking capsized in rough weather nine miles south of Saint Matthew Island.   Nick Moe and Michael McKee were lost.

September 4, 1983     One person was lost when the fishing vessel Christina Marie grounded on Humpy Point in Dixon Entrance south of Ketchikan.

September 4, 1983     The 38 foot Parks 15 capsized and sank in rough weather near Miners Point on the W side of Kodiak Island in the Shelikof Strait.  Four of her crewmembers were picked up by USCG helicopter, but Archie Densmore of Kodiak was lost.  A three year old girl found floating face down was revived by the U S Coast Guard rescue crew.

September 23, 1983     The 92 foot Endeavor rolled over and sank 25 miles NE of Sand Point in the Shumagin Islands.  Lost was captain John Bartee of Port Angeles WA, Marshall Patrick of Anchorage , Pat Gillen of Lynwood WA and Jeff Rhodes.

October 8, 1983     Three people were lost when an unnamed 12.5 foot small boat sank near Auke Bay.

October 27, 1983     The 130 foot tug Eagle capsized in heavy seas 70 miles southeast of Yakutat in the Gulf of Alaska.  All eight of her crewmembers perished.

December 3, 1983     Two persons were lost when the crab fishing vessel Spirit was found submerged near Gustavus at Pleasant Island, 44 miles northwest of Juneau.

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  1. Becky Beaty says:

    Working at the Kodiak Harbormaster’s Office for over 20 years I have made many friends, and lost many good ones. It is very sad to read of the losses aboard these vessel’s. Do you remember Al Drabek telling you about the rescue of Joe Harlan and his family aboard the Deliverance. He saved many lives also. Keep up the stories on these vessel’s.

    • captaingood says:

      Thank you for checking in, Becky, I remember you from the Harbor Master’s Office at Kodiak. I have sent you a copy of my new book Alaska Shipwrecks. You of all people knew many of the boats and people lost. Smooth Sailing

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