Alaska Commercial Fishing and other Maritime Losses of 1993

January 8, 1993     A crewman went overboard from the 116 foot crab fishing vessel Billikin 45 nautical miles from Saint Paul Island.  He was recovered from the water within 10 minutes but succumbed to hypothermia and was lost.

January 15, 1993     The 86 foot crab fishing vessel Massacre Bay sank after she grounded and capsized in Alitak Bay.  Lost were skipper Jock Bevis (42), Tom Salisbury (48) and Bill Corbin (45), all of Kodiak.  Matt Corriere (23) survived.

March 8, 1993     An ELT signal was picked up from the 86 foot cod trawler Lady of Good Voyage.  Only a crushed life ring and empty life raft were found.  Lost were skipper Gregory Schwindt (32) of Bellingham WA, Jeremy “Jay” Scott-Hunter (37) of Bellingham WA, Larry Hoover of Newport OR and Eddie Hoover of Portland OR.

May 26, 1993     Two crewmembers were lost when a large wave washed over the 41 foot salmon fishing vessel Sunrise in Strawberry Channel south of Cordova.  The vessel burned to the waterline and sank late the same summer.

June 10, 1993     Steven J Lozza (40) of Kodiak Island died  in Dutch Harbor after an altercation aboard the ship where he was employed.

July 30, 1993     The 38 foot salmon troller Sonia was found with no one on board at Cape Cross, Yakobi Island.  Her operator was presumed lost.

August 7, 1993     Clarence Jasper (62), owner of the 95 foot salmon tender Preston Brooks, was lost from hypothermia when his vessel sank in the Barren Islands.  Two other crewmembers were rescued.

August 10, 1993     Patrick “Kleet” Halsey was lost from the 104 foot crab fishing vessel Sea Venture in a deck accident while crab fishing.

September 13, 1993     The 58 foot crab fishing vessel Nettie H disappeared out of King Cove with 5 crewmembers on board.  The vessel was bound for Saint Paul Island.  Lost were Blake Grimstein of Bellingham WA, David Soileau of Cottage Grove OR, his girlfriend Julie Mereness of CO, Peter Soileau of Cottage Grove OR and Daniel Soileau of Conyers GA.

November 19, 1993     Eric Gromke (38) died of a heart attack aboard the 98 foot Big Valley during opilio crab season.

13 Responses to Alaska Commercial Fishing and other Maritime Losses of 1993

  1. Shorty Johnson says:

    Looking through your site, I see so many familiar names. People I knew from Kodiak and Seattle, thank-you for taking the time to put this together. Any chance you would have any pics of the Southern Explorer? She was based out of Kodiak, she was my dads, George Johnson’s boat.

  2. T.J Green says:

    Kleet Halsey was a damn good deckhand – and an even better person.

  3. Dharmika Henshel says:

    David Soileau was a friend of mine. He planned it as his last trip with his brothers before getting married and leaving crabbing behind. Very sad loss of three brothers, David’s fiance, and their friend. Thanks for the record here.

  4. gelsey mereness says:

    R.I.P to all, my sister was Julie Mereness even though I was only three when she passed. Does anyone know where I can find more articles?

    • captaingood says:

      Sorry for your loss. I retired from the Alaska Commercial Fishing Industry the year your sister was lost. The information I used about the loss of the Nettie H. came from the 2011 Alaska Shipwreck list that was produced by the Bureau of Energy Management. Most of that compilation was put together by Michael Burwell who has since retired. He has been helping me with my research. In that list, it mentions that the information about the Nettie H came from the Alaska Fisherman’s Journal, Kodiak Daily Mirror and Anchorage Daily News. Unfortunately, I do not have copies of the articles for Julie’s loss. RIP Julie, Dave, Blake, Dan and Pete.

    • AKALI says:

      I knew Julie when she was in Sitka. I may have a photograph from that time, if you would like to see it.

  5. Vicki Fanning McLean says:

    Researching intentional shipwrecks of ships used to bring uranium to the queen charlotte island now known as Graham island that has a weather modification weapon operated by the British army and to Gakona, Alaska operated by the USA. Many fishing ships used secretively to deliver the uranium and remove the depleted uranium from these weather modification weapons known as HAARP have been intentionally sunk to muzzle the crew and the corporation that owns the ships. Two other ships sunk off in the Bering sea off coast of Washington state used to deliver Uranium to Queen charlotte island are the Artic Rose and Aleutian enterprize. I see no history on the shipwreck of the Westwind that was the sister ship of the Preston Brooks ship that was sunk on Aug. 7, 1993. Westwind was said to be sunk also in 1993 but before the Preston Brooks. Can not find any info on it.

    This info is logged in a racketeering case in New Orleans Sect R 15-08 McLean VS Obama, ET AL linked to a case filed in June 26, 2014 in Washington D.C. 1;14 cv 1076 McLean EX REL USA VS HAARP, et al. The US coast guard would be at risk due to their investigations of the sinkings of all these ships which is industrial and economic espionage. Notify the US coast guard in Alaska and Washington state.

    • captaingood says:

      I have the Westwind mistakenly listed as the West Wind. It is not in the recent Maritime Losses section because there was no loss of life. The West Wind is listed in the A – Z section of this site. She went down in Orca Bay while tendering in Prince William Sound July 27, 1993. All four crew members were rescued. The official number of the Westwind is 284347. She was built in Neponset, Ma in 1944. I have never heard of the other things of which you speak. I would find it distasteful at the very least for a vessel that hauled radioactive material to also haul fresh fish.

  6. Darrell Martin says:

    I was classmates and friends with Daniel Soileau. Great guy.

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