Alaska Commercial Fishing and other Maritime Losses of 2000

January 25, 2000     Rudolph Carlson Jr. drowned and a second crewman was arrested for drunk driving when the 30 foot fiberglass longline cod fishing vessel Vigor rammed the end of the Homer Spit near the Seafarers Memorial at full speed.  The vessel had been observed driving in circles near the spit.  The Alaska Ferry Tustamena, two U S Coast Guard cutters and several fishing boats had responded but were unable to board the vessel before it crashed.

February 3, 2000     Kodiak diver Bill Wever (54) was lost while removing line from the propeller of the 72 foot trawler Lisa-Melinda at the dock in Kodiak.

March 16, 2000     Marius P (Morry) Pedersen died as the result of a boating accident at the Chignik Pride dock in Chignik Bay.

May 29, 2000     Dean Dewey (66) was lost from the 28 foot aluminum salmon gillnet fishing vessel Sea Miser 40 miles SE of Cordova.  Dewey, while fishing alone, had become tangled in his net and pulled into the water.

July 12, 2000     The master of the 30 foot fiberglass salmon gillnetter Skeezik fell overboard and drowned in Nushagak Bay.  Alcohol played a part in the disaster.

August 1, 2000     At least one person was believed lost from a 15 to 20 foot long red fiberglass boat with white trim that was found overturned near Saint James Bay in Lynn Canal.

August 2, 2000     A crewman was lost overboard in rough weather from an unnamed setnet skiff at King Salmon.

August 28, 2000     One of two crewmembers was lost when the 35 foot wooden salmon troller Olivus flooded and sank near Helm Bay between Caamano Point and Point Francis.  The crewmember who survived claimed the operator of the Olivus was too intoxicated to make it to the beach.

September 6, 2000     The 68 foot steel salmon tender Island Dancer was docking at Ketchikan when a crewmember fell overboard and was crushed to death against the dock.

September 6, 2000     Two crewmen were lost from an unnamed 20 foot aluminum setnet skiff that capsized during small craft warnings near Ocean Cape on the southwest shore of Yakutat.  Lost were Charles Johnson (40) and Erik Kveum (21).

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  1. Marius Pedersen 48, fell off a barge in between the chignik bay dock and was crushed succumbing to his injuries.

  2. Update for you for Jan.25, 2000. Rudolph Carlson Jr.,57, was the drowning victim, also my father, and Aaron Ellison was the man arrested. Thank you for your time.

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