Alaska Commercial Fishing and other Maritime Losses of 1982

January 5, 1982     The 549 foot Japanese trawler Akebono Maru No 28 capsized and sank 120 miles north of Adak with the loss of 32 crewmembers.

May 22, 1982     Richard T Hinds was lost off of the Camelot when the 34 foot vessel grounded and capsized 25 miles SW of Cordova on Hinchinbrook Island.

May 22, 1982     One person was lost when the 30 foot fishing vessel Nasty Habit rolled over and sank in heavy weather near Hinchinbrook Island.

June 1, 1982     An unnamed wooden skiff capsized when a person on board stood up and one person was lost at the northwest corner of Annette Island.

June 3, 1982     Three people went missing when an unnamed small fishing vessel capsized five miles west of Newhalen.

June 25, 1982     Christopher Sharp Jr. was lost from a fishing vessel near Twin Hills. His body was recovered near Togiak.

June 30, 1982     George Dwight Buell (35) was lost from the fishing vessel Miss Demptha near Ekok.

July 3, 1982     The cabin cruiser Miserable Skunk capsized while pulling a crab pot five miles east of Homer in Cook Inlet. Grant Chapel (74) of Apache, Arizona and Martha E Hall (74) of Eagle River were lost.

July 13, 1982     An unnamed skiff overturned in the Nushagak River near Dillingham with three people on board.  Two were lost and one survived.

July 16, 1982     Bill James was lost in a skiff accident in Duck Bay.

July 30, 1982     U S Coast Guard C-130 crashed at Attu Island killing AT3 Brad Confield and SN Steven C Berryhill.

August 4, 1982     Three people were lost when a 16 foot unnamed small boat went missing near Juneau.

September 7, 1982     The crew of the 58 foot Investor was found murdered with gunshot wounds and the vessel burned to the waterline anchored at Egg Island near Craig. Lost were Mark and Irene Coulthurst, both 28, their 5 year old daughter Kimberly, their 4 year old son John, Deane Moon (19) of Blaine WA, Jerome Keown (18) of Blaine WA, Michael Steward (19) of Bellingham WA and Chris Heyman (18) of San Raphael CA.

September 10, 1982     One female passenger was lost from the cruise ship Majestic Explorer in a lifeboat deployment accident south of Juneau in Frederick Sound.

September 16, 1982     The 42 foot gillnet fishing vessel Barbie Island broke apart in the surf and sank on the area of Sudden Stream northwest of Yakutat.  Two of her four crewmembers were lost.

September 28, 1982     Four people were lost when an unnamed 24 foot river boat foundered a mile north of Anchor Point in Cook Inlet.

October 6, 1982     Paul Fonzi was lost overboard from the fishing vessel Lady Ann

October 20, 1982     One person was lost when the 312 foot Korean trawler Pung Yang Ho burned south of the Shumagin Islands.

December 14, 1982     An unnamed skiff was lost with three people on board near Tenakee Beach.

December 30, 1982     The crab fishing vessel Dawn was found idling with no one on board five miles from the Homer Spit in Kachemak Bay.  The skipper was presumed drowned.

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    1. I am trying to find any information about a fishing vessel that my father was on, he saved the whole crew he was the captain. The life boat was opened in the galley. My father’s name is John E Hubbs any info about this is so greatly appreciated. You have have no idea. I miss my father and never got to know more about this. He saved the whole crew! I want to know the whole thing. Please let me know.

      1. I have no record of a John E Hubbs in my files yet. Was he involved in an Alaska shipwreck? If he was do you know any other information. About what year, what kind of vessel, were they fishing, what area in Alaska or any other information would be helpful. I did a quick newspaper search and only found a John E Hubbs real estate broker in Oregon in 1926. I will look around some more.

        1. I am Susan Hubbs, his wife and he told the story of being extremely over loaded with crab. They must have hit something and Maydayed for help. They were close to an island with lots of bear. Everyone had time to get their survival suits on. He said an old Norwegian fisherman came and rescued them. The ship went down and they lost everything except their lives. This happened before I met him so it might have been between 1979 to 1982. If you find more details please let me know. John has since passed away. My email address is contactsusansemail .com.

  2. My father has passed away I want to know more about his life. I have always been drawn to this industry my mother won’t let me join no matter what age I am especially since I have 3 children Johns grand children all of whom he never got to meet.

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