Alaska Commercial Fishing and other Maritime Losses of 1990

January 24, 1990     A crewmember was lost when the 94 foot steel crab fishing vessel Shellfish took a roll in heavy seas north of Unimak Island in the Bering Sea.

January 25, 1990     A sea cucumber diver ran out of air and died near Sitka.  The tragedy was blamed on inexperience.

January 29, 1990     Two crewmembers were lost and two rescued when the U S Fish and Wildlife Service vessel Kittiwake capsized at Adak.

February 28, 1990     The 54 foot steel trawler J. Aus was lost with three crewmembers near Cape Suckling while traveling from Blaine, Washington to King Cove.  A life raft, an EPIRB and one survival suit were all that was found. Lost were Mick Aus, Tracy Hill and Dave Strom.

March 8, 1990     An intoxicated crewmember fell overboard from the 324 foot fish processor Arctic Enterprise and suffered a fatal injury in Lost Harbor.

March 22, 1990     The 162 foot Aleutian Enterprise capsized and sank while hauling in a cod end 60 miles south of St Paul Island.  22 crewmembers were rescued by other fishing vessels.  Nine were lost including Nello Marciel (55) of San Diego, John Dietrich (31) of Seattle, Matthew Schneider (22) of Issaquah WA, Joseph Alaimo (45) of Yakima WA, Robert Davies (26) of Renton WA, Jeffrey Houston (21) of Warren OR, Jayier Martin Valenzuela Castro (27) of Seattle, passenger David Jeffries (19) of Fontano CA, and an observer, Robert McCord (35) of Englewood CO.

April 22, 1990     The master of the 49 foot wooden salmon gillnetter Lady Louise fell from his vessel in Akutan Harbor and was never found.

May 1, 1990     Joseph Francis Lum was lost from the longline fishing vessel Karen Marie after falling into a fish hold during a halibut opening.

May 7, 1990     Two people were lost in a skiff accident in Yakutat Bay.  The 16 foot vessel was found with bow damage.

May 13, 1990     Paul Lemke (29) of Corvallis OR slipped and fell to his death aboard the 211 foot fish tender Ocean Pride near Hagemeister Island in the Bering Sea.

May 14, 1990     Craig Nielson (20) was lost from the 97 foot fishing vessel Discovery.

May 31, 1990     Seward commercial fisherman Gerry D Munson (32) was presumed lost overboard from the 44 foot fiberglass halibut longliner Dreamer.  The vessel was travelling from Seward to Chignik when Munson disappeared.

June 10, 1990     An intoxicated crewmember was lost from the 33 foot fiberglass fishing vessel Gladys M while attempting to set the anchor near Naknek in Bristol Bay.

July 25, 1990     A crewmember fell overboard in rough seas and was lost from the 194 foot steel trawler Alaska Voyager north of Adak.  The crewman was wearing a safety harness and fellow crewmembers were able to get him back aboard but he did not survive.

August 7, 1990     A foreman fell to his death aboard the 139 foot steel trawler Ocean Explorer at Unimak Pass.

August 24, 1990     The 46 foot wooden salmon gillnetter Verma sank in Snow Passage after a collision with the tug John Brix.  One crewman was lost and five were rescued by the Viking Serenade.

September 29, 1990     One person was lost when the 30 foot fiberglass gillnet salmon fishing vessel Day’s End capsized at Montague Island.

October 8, 1990     Two were lost when the 32 foot aluminum gillnet salmon fishing vessel Arcticus Rex capsized in 30 knot winds and heavy seas in Unimak Pass.

October 16, 1990     One crewmember was lost overboard from the 166 foot steel crab fishing vessel Diomedes in the Gulf of Alaska southwest of Kodiak Island.

October 21, 1990     A crewmember fell overboard and drowned from the 250 foot fish processor Northern Alaskan at Old Harbor, Kodiak Island.

October 24, 1990     The 158 foot crab fishing vessel Pacific Apollo sank near the Queen Charlotte Islands of British Columbia on her way to a Bering Sea crab opening.  Arthur Stein was the lone survivor. Lost were captain Pat Berg, Len Dodge and Terry Goebel.

November 8, 1990     Three crewmembers were lost when the 25 foot skiff from the Coastal Star capsized in Port Moller.

November 21, 1990     John Heck (29) of Kodiak was lost from the 100 foot Surland in the Bering Sea near Bristol BayHeck was pulled overboard when he became tangled with a crab line.

November 28, 1990     Sam Batcheler and John Slagill were lost from the tugboat Red Jacket.  The two had gone to shore on Seguam Island in the Aleutians in a 12 foot zodiac in search of potable water.  Neither the zodiac nor the two crewmembers were ever seen again.

9 Responses to Alaska Commercial Fishing and other Maritime Losses of 1990

  1. John Rawlings says:

    March 1990 Halibut Schooner Attu runs aground then sinks Kayak Island. All Seven crew rescued by USCG. No loss of life. I think this happened on the 29th, but not sure. Hope this helps.

    • captaingood says:

      Thanks JR. I have thousands of wrecks to enter still, that being one of them. I have been putting in the vessels where lives were lost first so the Attu will be later. My records say the 28th but I will cross reference.

  2. Kaare Beell says:

    I was on the F.V.Attu when she floundered my 3rd season on the Attu 1st under Joe Hackstead the Attu began sinking mid afternoon the 29th. Thankyou for posting her name she was historical in nature a wonderful sea vessel and my home for 11 months of my life. I miss her.

  3. RyanCarlson says:

    Update May 31, 1990, crewmember lost was Gary Munson. RIP

    • captaingood says:

      Once again, Thank You very much for your information. The importance of remembering these names for families and friends is beyond words. I have added Gerry D Munson to the 1990 losses. He was only 32. RIP

  4. April Shand says:

    My father use to own the F/V Surland that was mentioned above where a crewmember unfortunately lost their life from a crab line wrapping around his foot. I was actually trying to figure out whatever happened to that boat after my dad sold it,,I believe around that time in the early 90s. The boat was named after his grandfather Surland Ness who also died at sea I believe on the Trinity which burn down A while after his death, before I was born. The Surland will always have a special place in my heart because I grew up on that boat. My first pet was an Alaskan King crab which was caught on that boat and I also remember my first 50 pound halibut that I caught myself when the fish weighed more than me. The boat has residual life and death, a full circle of life and hopefully I find whatever happened to it.

    • captaingood says:

      I remember your Dad. From what I can see, his boat the Surland was primarily a crabber from 1981 until 1990. He apparently sold it and it was renamed the Northern Lady continuing to crab and longline in Alaska until February 13, 1995 when she caught fire and sank in the Bering Sea northwest of St. Paul Island. The crew of six was able to escape. The Coast Guard has her listed as “Sunk not recoverable”.

  5. Greg Weiss says:

    I also know Ron, and the F/V SURLAND was my greatest memory,s . Almost 3 years I stayed on for every trip, worked for 3 captains . And set the tone for the rest of my life. Thank you for the info !

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