Alaska Commercial Fishing and other Maritime Losses of 1997

January 18, 1997     The 104 foot trawler Pacific Alliance was lost with four crewmembers in rough weather off of the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  The Seattle based vessel was on her way to the Bering Sea for the Pollack fishing season.  Lost were Steven Brooks (42) of Oak Harbor WA, Curtis Miller (34) of Poulsbo WA, John Ferry (36) of Olympia WA and Scott Carlson (40) of Brookings OR.

February 17, 1997     A crewmember was pulled over the side by a crab pot line and lost from the 58 foot crab fishing vessel Vis in Excursion Inlet.

May 7, 1997     Troy Anderson of Homer was struck and killed by a skiff from the 56 foot herring fishing vessel Sierra Gale at Togiak in Bristol Bay.

May 25, 1997     Two were lost when the 18 foot skiff Delight sank in Sitka Sound between Biorka Island and Six Mile Rock.

August 13, 1997     The tug Gail S rolled onto her side and sank in Bristol Bay while towing a barge from Bethel to Seattle.  One of her five crewmembers was lost in the disaster.

September 22, 1997     Captain Carl Koso was lost when the 58 foot crab fishing vessel Troika took on water and sank eight miles SE of Saint Paul Island.  Three crewmembers who had donned survival suits and jumped into the water were picked up by the Gala Maureen.  By the time captain Koso could be brought onboard, he had expired from the cold.

October 26, 1997     The 26 foot vessel Loose Goose Too disappeared with two people aboard in Kachemak Bay between the Homer Boat Harbor and Sadie Cove.

November 27, 1997     Four crewmen were injured, two fatally, when the 367 foot freighter Kuroshima was attempting to pull her anchor in Summers Bay near Dutch Harbor. A 35 foot wave washed over the bow killing Benito G. Gestosani and Michael P. Valdellon.

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  1. Looking for Info on the loss of John Wesley Peterson off the F/V Billy D on May 18, 1997. Any Info? This is a listing on the Homer Seafarers Memorial. Thank You

    1. I have looked up this tragedy and sent you a copy of the news article describing it. I will be adding Mr. Peterson’s name to my lists shortly. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. In 1997 I was on F/V Dreamboat Annie, a partner boat to F/V Sierra Gale. RIP Troy. Always inspect your rigging and anticipate (and stay out of) the line of fire. Damn shame.

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