Alaska Commercial Fishing and other Maritime Losses of 1998

January 26, 1998     Scott Gabryshak (31) of Seattle was crushed by a crab pot and died aboard the 111 foot Sultan while crab fishing in the Bering Sea.

January 30, 1998     The 77 foot longline fishing vessel La Conte broke a plank in rough weather and foundered 60 miles west of Cape Spencer.  Two of her five crewmembers were lost including captain Mark Morley and Dave Hanlon.

February 2, 1998     Chris Rosendahl (44) of Kodiak was lost overboard while crab fishing southeast of the Pribilof Islands on the 87 foot Kristen Gail.

April 25, 1998     The 50 foot fiberglass herring fishing vessel Evanick rolled over in the Shelikof Straits when a skiff on deck shifted.  All four crewmembers were lost including skipper Carl VanValkenberg, Robert Ritchie, Harry Modesette and Shawn R Gibson, all from Kodiak.

June 2, 1998     The 30 foot gillnet salmon fishing vessel Dove capsized in the surf in the Copper River Basin with the loss of her only crewmember.

June 9, 1998     The 26 foot gillnet salmon fishing vessel Pearl capsized and sank on the Copper River Delta with the loss of her only crewmember.

June 28, 1998     A fourteen foot skiff disappeared traveling from Whale Island to Afognak, a one mile trip.  Four lives were lost including Akaki, Ustina and Feodosi Reutov, all in their mid twenties, and Fodosia, a three week old infant.

August 15, 1998     One crewmember was lost and one rescued when the tug Faulkner Walsh sank in the Johnson River near the Kuskokwim River.

October 11, 1998     Joseph Hyde fell overboard south of Kodiak and was lost from the deck of the 66 foot fishing vessel Southern Seas.

November 5, 1998     Michael Cook (44) fell overboard and was lost from the 70 foot fishing vessel Providence while securing a crab pot.

December 15, 1998     Yakov Martusheff (41) was lost when the 50 foot longline cod fishing vessel Current overturned in Kachemak Bay.

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