Alaska Commercial Fishing and other Maritime Losses of 2008

February 9, 2008     George Reutov was lost when the Velocity overturned near Millbay Beach of Kodiak. Chuprov Berestov barely survived.

February 28, 2008     Mike Dunne and Vern McGee were lost when the 35 foot converted wooden troller Transition disappeared on a trip from Juneau to Ketchikan.

March 23, 2008     42 were rescued and five lost when the 189 foot factory ship Alaska Ranger lost a rudder and sank in the Bering Sea west of Dutch Harbor.  Lost were captain Eric Peter Jacobsen, David Silveira, Byron Carillo, Daniel Cook and Satoshi Konno.

April 24, 2008     A 39 year old male crewmember was lost near Sand Point aboard the fishing vessel Zenith when he was overcome by fumes from an accidental Freon discharge in an enclosed space.

September 12, 2008     One person was lost from the longline halibut fishing vessel Hurricane while fishing in Frederick Sound. The vessel was found unattended on Cape Fanshaw.

October 22, 2008     Seven of eleven crewmembers were lost when the 93 foot cod vessel Katmai sank in the Bering Sea returning from Adak Island to Dutch Harbor.  Lost were Jake Gilman, Glen Harper, Fuli Lemusu, Joshua Leonguerrero, Cedric Smith, Robert Davis and Carlos Zabala.

November 7, 2008     Skipper Steve Bundy died aboard the Wild Thing while docked at Kodiak.

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