Alaska Shipwrecks 1900-1925

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2 Replies to “Alaska Shipwrecks 1900-1925”

  1. would like to know more about the sinking of the m/v bertha in 1915………… info. picts., etc.

    the remnants of the wreck lie in our front yard now in uyak bay at our summer fish camp and we have wanted for years, more complete info. on the history of the bertha. not much of it has left and we have watched it dwindle over the years. any pictures or info.out there???


    1. I have several news articles, some old pictures and a copy of the original wreck report. I will email you some of that shortly. Most of it you can get from the internet by searching “S S Bertha” “Steamer Bertha” or “Steam Ship Bertha”. The Shelikof and bays on either side are littered with wrecks. You would be amazed at the interesting history that has been ground up and deposited in the bedrock cracks under the gravel on the beaches where you are catching fish. The Bertha was a classic. You could write a book.

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