Alaska Shipwrecks 1951-1975

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  1. Great Uncle Donald O. Spaulding died December 22, 1963 when his boat sank off the coast of Alaska. He was a member of The Alaskan Scouts (Castner’s Cutthroats) during WWII and then a commercial fisherman after the war. I am trying to put together details of his life. Do you have any informtation you can share?

    1. Your Uncle’s boat was the Ilaott. It was a converted U S Army vessel (J-728) of 38.7 feet. It was destroyed at Seward during the earthquake/tidal wave of March 27, 1964. His boat must have been re-floated after his loss in 1963 but I haven’t found a news report about it. He is buried at the Angelus Memorial Park in Anchorage with his military information on the headstone. His last address that I can see was on West 34th in Spenard, Alaska.

  2. My friend was interested in knowing about a Crabber ICELAND that was a converted Navy Ship which ran on the rocks in Alaska in about 1964. Any information would be appreciated. He’s looking for the story and a photo if possible.

    1. There was a 97 foot vessel operating in Alaska at that time called the Iceland, official number 252483, Call signal WB5647, built in 1943 as the U S Naval vessel APC 108. She was owned by Iceland Boat Company out of Petersburg and registered at Wrangell. She appears to have still been active many years after the wreck that you described. I have no records of the Iceland going onto the rocks, but I will keep searching for newspaper articles. There are more and more old newspaper and magazine records coming on line so the article that describes what happened may show up at a later date.

  3. Looking for any info on my uncle Steven Patrick Hardy. His fishing vessel sank off the coast of Alaska in 1974. Thanks. CJ.

    1. Your Uncle’s boat was the Yaquina lost in a storm November 22, 1974 in Queen Charlotte Sound, B.C. A total of five men were lost. There are a number of news articles that detail their loss and the subsequent search for them. They had been fishing off Millbank Sound and were on their way home. I do not have a file on this vessel as it is not an Alaska wreck. Sorry for your loss.

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