Alaska Shipwrecks 2000-2015

ABBREVIATIONS:  AluminumALBritish ColumbiaBCCentralCFiberglassFRPFishing VesselFVIndicated Horse PowerIHPLongliner-LLMotor VesselMVNorthNOfficial NumberONRevenue Cutter ServiceRCSSchoonerSchSignal LettersSLSouth CentralSCSoutheastSESouthwestSWSteel oil screwSOSSteam ShipSSUnknownUUnited States ArmyUSAUnited States Coast GuardUSCGUnited States NavyUSNWestcentralWCWood gas screwWGSWood oil screwWOS

2001Amber DawnSW91 FootSOS Trawler23
2001Arctic RoseSW92 FootCatcher Processor15
2001Ben BSE86 FootFish Tender2
2001Dry HeatSE32 FootPleasure Vessel9
2001Evelyn SSC70 FootFish Tender3
2001ExciterSC40 FootGillnetter2
2001ExcursionSC70 FootWood Fish Tender4
2001Helen MarieSC42 FootSeiner3
2001HeritageSE49 FootSeiner14
2001HouriSC34 FootGillnetter1
2001IliamnaSC29 FootCod Fishing Vessel1
2001JoycelynSE50 FootSalmon Seiner4
2001KristenSC49 FootLL Fishing Vessel4
2001Lady BSE34 FootTroller0
2001Lady LSC80 FootCrabber4
2001MercurySC60 FootTug2
2001Miss MariaSW49 FootLL Cod Fishing Vessel4
2001Ocean SunriseSE42 FootShrimp Fishing11
2001PacificSW40 FootLL Cod Fishing3
2001RaindancerSC34 FootGillnetter2
2001Revenge IISE86 FootFish Tender2
2001Rhonda ReneeSC34 FootBow Picker
2001Sea GullSE30 FootFishing Vessel6
2001VanguardSC65 FootSeiner3
2001VeterSC37 FootLL Cod Fishing3
2001WalyanaSC28 FootGillnetter3
2001Windy BaySC166 FootFish Tender5
2002Arctic SunSE100 FootFish Tender3
2002Barbara JeanSE42 footSeiner1
2002Bligh ReefSC52 FootSeiner2
2002ContentmentSC35 FootCod Fishing Vessel2
2002DakotaSC50 FootSeiner2
2002Dark StarSW43 FootLongline Halibut3
2002GalaxySW171 FootCatcher Processor323
2002Genei Maru No 7SC97 FootJapanese Squid C-P
2002KalitanSE38 FootTroller3
2002Libby No 12SE43 FootDive Boat1
2002MeridianSC52 FootFishing Vessel3
2002Northern DawnSE33 FootLL Halibut2
2002ReaperSC32 FootGillnetter2
2002RiptideSE30 FootGillnetter0
2002Rocket IISW44 FootHalibut LL Fishing3
2002Sea SpraySC32 FootBowpicker1
2002ShenandoahSC48 FootFishing Vessel2
2002SparrowcastleSW58 FootSeiner1
2002TradewindSC51 FootCod Fishing Vessel3
2002VeharSC39 FootCrab Fishing Vessel3
2002VictorSC99 FootWood Fish Tender4
2003Bering SeaSE45 FootFishing Vessel3
2003Brittany KayeSC29 FootHerring Gillnetter2
2003CombineSC41 FootLL Cod Fishing3
2003Miss EverettSE34 FootTroller1
2003Myra JeanSC42 FootShrimp Pot Fishing2
2003New VikingSE52 FootCrab Fishing Vessel1
2003PioneerSC80 FootWood Schooner0
2003Racona IISC72 FootVessel2
2003SalvaiSE36 FootWood Salmon Troller2
2003SunrunnerSC58 FootLL Cod Fishing5
2004Blue FinSE42 FootFishing Vessel2
2004Golden StreamSE38 FootFishing Vessel3
2004JavaSC39 FootSalmon Fishing Vessel0
2004Julie KSE26 FootCabin Cruiser2
2004Kelsey DawnSE38 FootTroller4
2004MitkofSE75 FootFish Tender4
2004ProvisionSC92 FootFish Tender0
2004SamokeSE45 FootFish Tender2
2004Sharon WSC52 FootLL Fishing4
2004Selendang AyuSW738 FootFreighter620
2004Susan AnnSE58 FootSeiner2
2005AdrianaSC50 FootSalmon Seiner4
2005AllianceSC93 FootFish Tender6
2005Big ValleySW92 FootCrabber51
2005Cory BSC32 FootGillnetter1
2005Heather KSC46 FootWood LL Halibut4
2005HustlerSC56 FootLanding Craft2
2005MrsSE48 FootShrimp Fishing12
2005ObanSE41 FootSeiner2
2005Rocky PassSE19 FootTroller2
2005Tania DeeSE38 FootLL Halibut Fishing11
2006Calico DogSW32 FootCod Fishing Vessel11
2006China BSW47 FootHalibut LL Fishing5
2006EchoSCFishing Vessel0
2006Hermes IISE50 FootTrawler1
2006HorizonSC42 FootFishing Vessel3
2006ImpressiveSE28 FootDive Boat3
2006NataliaSC45 FootSalmon Seiner3
2006Northern DawnSW50 FootCrabber2
2006Ocean ChallengerSC50 FootFishing Vessel31
2006Prince WilliamSC44 FootSeiner5
2006SlayerSE32 FootTroller2
2006StellaSE58 FootSeiner3
2007AldebaranSEFishing Vessel5
2007Golden GirlsSCSalmon Seiner4
2007Hazel LouiseSE55 FootFishing Vessel1
2007HeroSC32 FootFishing Vessel1
2007HunterSC58 FootFishing Vessel4
2007IllusionSW42 FootFishing Vessel4
2007Jade AlaskaSC122 FootCod Tender3
2007Kayla Marie CSCFishing Vessel1
2007KepalaSC50 FootFishing Vessel3
2007Lady BlackieSC90 FootFishing Vessel4
2007MagnumSC56 FootSalmon Seiner4
2007Pacific LadySC42 FootFishing Vessel1
2007Risky BusinessSC53 FootHalibut Fishing Vessel5
2007Sea BearSEFishing Vessel3
2007Star TrekSC35 FootCod Fishing Vessel3
2008Alaska RangerSW184 FootCatcher Processor542
2008AndromedaSC34 FootSalmon Gillnetter2
2008CricketSEFishing Vessel2
2008GladiatorSESalmon Seiner5
2008KatmaiSW93 FootCod Factory Vessel74
2008TransitionSE35 FootWood Troller2
2008TurmoilSCFishing Vessel3
2008VelocitySCFishing Vessel11
2008WestwardSE82 FootWood Fishing Vessel2
2008X-SSW32 FootFishing Vessel3
2009American WaySC38 FootFishing Vessel2
2009Carley ReneeSW59 FootCod Fishing Vessel4
2009Good NewsSCVessel
2009Icy MistSC58 FootFishing Vessel4
2009Patty JSE59 FootFishing Vessel5
2009RascalSE36 FootFishing Vessel1
2009SeafarerSE58 FootPurse Seiner5
2009VigilantSC58 FootFish Tender2
2010Cape SpencerSC47 FootFishing Vessel04
2010Izzy BSE34 FootDive Boat02
2010NakatSC52 FootFRP Halibut Fishing04
2010Northern BelleSC75 FootFishing Vessel13
2011JagerSE42 FootFishing Vessel01
2011LegendSE58 FootFishing Vessel05
2011Midnight SunSC68 FootFishing Vessel05
2011Nordic MistrissSC60 FootLuxury Yacht05
2011TerrigailSW58 FootLL Fishing Vessel05
2012AdvantageSC58 FootLL Fishing Vessel22
2012CycloneSC32 FootFishing Vessel03
2012EquitySE42 FootFishing Vessel03
2012Evening StarSE50 FootFishing Vessel05
2012HeritageSC68 FootFishing Vessel07
2012IglooSE42 FootFishing Vessel02
2012KimberlySC58 FootFishing Vessel05
2012Mary KaySE78 FootFishing Vessel04
2012Neptune ISW50 FootFishing Vessel03
2012ViewpointSE49 FootFishing Vessel01
2013AbundanceSE50 FootPassenger Vessel11
2013Arctic HunterSW93 FootFishing Vessel
2013ChaosSW54 FootFishing Vessel04
2013Western VentureSW59 FootFishing Vessel05
2014Alisa KSE38 FootFishing Vessel01
2015KetivikSC50 FootLanding Craft10
2015KupreanofSE73 FootFishing Vessel04
2015Northern PrideSC82 FootFish Tender03

9 Replies to “Alaska Shipwrecks 2000-2015”

    1. I am not aware of the cause. The information I have posted comes from the BOEM Alaska Shipwreck list. According to that list, their information came from an article in the Alaska Fishermen’s Journal from that time period. Most of the attention in the fishing fleet at that time was in Prince William Sound and what repercussions the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill were going to have on fisheries in the western Gulf of Alaska and beyond.

    1. The Zimovia is not on my lists, but I have researched my files and found it. The Zimovia was built in 1948 at Tacoma, WA as a wooden diesel powered vessel of 44.1 length, 14.1 breadth, 7.6 depth official number 255936. She was originally the Jimmy M and operated out of San Mateo, CA. Later she became the Lynnie S and operated out of San Francisco. Her final owner was Wayne A. Davenport of Wrangell who fished her in Alaska from 1984 to 2010 as a power gurdy troller and longliner. She was lost September 22, 2010. The vessel began taking on water near Kulichkof Rock southwest of Sitka and issued a mayday on channel 16 just before midnight September 21st, 2010. A U S Coast Guard helicopter and Sitka Mountain Rescue responded and rescued the 74 year old master from the vessel as she sank at 12:15 a.m. near a buoy in Sitka Sound.

  1. Just if you are looking for any missing wrecks you don’t have:
    The F/V Legend, a 58 foot Salmon seiner built in 1929, based out of Gig Harbor, caught on fire after it grounded about 8 miles south of Ketchikan, Alaska.

    1. I found it. I had not put it in because in the Coast Guard News Release they were talking about salvaging it. By the looks of the burnt out hull, there wasn’t much left to salvage. Thanks for the heads up. I will update all my publications in time. The date was July 11, 2011.

  2. A charter boat out of homer, the 36 ft. “Halibut Endeavor” (a Modutech built in 1973) sank on Wednesday the 25th of April, 2007. All were rescued in the last moments.

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