Alaska Shipwrecks (Numerical Names)

ABBREVIATIONS:  AluminumALBritish ColumbiaBCCentralCFiberglassFRPFishing VesselFVIndicated Horse PowerIHPLongliner-LLMotor VesselMVNorthNOfficial NumberONRevenue Cutter ServiceRCSSchoonerSchSignal LettersSLSouth CentralSCSoutheastSESouthwestSWSteel oil screwSOSSteam ShipSSUnknownUUnited States ArmyUSAUnited States Coast GuardUSCGUnited States NavyUSNWestcentralWCWood gas screwWGSWood oil screwWOS

31-A-101 (1959)     The fishing vessel 31-A-101 struck a rock, capsized and sank September 2, 1959 off of Skin Island west of Ketchikan.  Skipper Carl Larson was rescued by another boat.

Mapping and Location: Southeast Alaska   55 17 50 N 132 04 45 W   Chart 17420

Source: Michael Burwell Shipwreck List (2013)


31-A-886 (1943)     The fishing vessel 31-A-886 was wrecked March 5, 1943 at Herring Bay near Petersburg.

Mapping and Location: Southeast Alaska   56 48 10 N 132 58 W   Chart 17360

Source: BOEM Alaska Shipwreck List (2011)


31-B-118 (1937)     The riverboat 31-B-118 stranded and was lost December 24, 1937 on the beach at Lincoln Island near Shelter Island.  Presumed lost with the vessel was Juneau trapper Claude Phillips.  Two trappers found the wreckage and human remains some time later.

Mapping and Location: Southeast Alaska   58 30 N 135 W   Chart 17300

Source: BOEM Alaska Shipwreck List (2011)


31-B-126 (1940)     The gas boat 31-B-126 was lost August 8, 1940 at Sitka.

Mapping and Location: Southeast Alaska   57 03 N 135 20 W   Chart 17320

Source: BOEM Alaska Shipwreck List (2011)


8 Ball (1991)     The 26 foot fishing vessel 8 Ball lost her anchor in high seas and was thrown up on the rocks August 7, 1991 on Wingham Island.  Attempts were made to refloat the vessel the following day but were unsuccessful and the 8 Ball sank in 80 fathoms of water.

Mapping and Location: South Central Alaska   60 01 N 144 23 W   Chart 16013

Additional Information: ON CG033259

Sources: 1. U S C G Shipwreck List (1989-2004), 2. Michael Burwell Shipwreck List (2013)


90% ANGEL (1992)     The 28 foot salmon seiner 90% Angel foundered in a southwest gale July 5, 1992 a few miles south of Graveyard Point at the mouth of the Kvichak River.  Skipper Paul Olliff and crewman Charles J Miller (51) were lost.  Olliff’s son Tony and Chad Campbell were rescued by a helicopter from a nearby cannery. They were taken to the Naknek Clinic to be treated for hypothermia.

Mapping and Location: South Central Alaska   58 52 N 157 01 W   Chart 16323

Additional Information: ON 634311

Sources: 1. U S C G Shipwreck List (1989-2004), 2. Michael Burwell Shipwreck List (2013)


519 (1966)     The 210 ton 103 foot steel barge 519 foundered December 1, 1966 at Takatz Island in Chatham Strait.

Mapping and Location: Southeast Alaska   57 08 N 134 48 W   Chart 17337

Additional Information: Tonnage 210 Gross and Net, Length 103.8, Breadth 29, Depth 7.6, Built 1944 at Los Angeles CA, Former Name BK-7431 (U S A), Owner Ritchie Transportation Company, Registered Wrangell, ON 259050

Sources: 1. Merchant Vessels of the U S (1965) Pg 5, 2. Merchant Vessels of the U S (1968) “Vessels Reported Lost” Pg 1163


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