Web Barbarosa 1989

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  1. I wants did halibut trip on that boat. A few times she rolled really hard and didn’t feel like she was going to come back up. My brother-in-law who ran that boat for that trip always said it felt a little squirrely.

  2. I heard that there is a Memorial with the names of the crew from the Barbarossa in maybe Kodiak. Is this true and if so any information would be helpful. Tim Schmitt, one of the crew, is my first cousin.

    1. I believe they are listed on the Kodiak Fishermen’s Memorial in front of the Kodiak Harbormaster’s Office. It is maintained by the Kodiak Fishermen’s Wives and Associates.

    2. I was a deck hand on the all alaskan, and remember when the barbrosa whent down , so many years ago one of the guys i talked to before he whent out remember seeing pictures of his children on his locker he died not 7 hours after his first crab fishing run ,

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