Central Alaska Rivers Shipwrecks ( E )

ELLA (1907)     The 120 foot wooden stern wheel steamer Ella foundered at Tolovana on the Tanana River July 17, 1907.  The vessel struck a submerged obstruction, thought to be a tree or limb, and sank in shallow water.  The machinery was salvaged and used to build another vessel, but the hull, valued at $12,000 was a total loss.  The vessel was in freight service with a crew of 20 on board.  Other than the hull, there were no casualties.

Mapping and Location: Central Alaska Tolovana, Tanana River

Additional Information: Length 120.3, Breadth 28, Depth 4.5, Built 1905 at Seattle, Tonnage 419 Gross 268 Net, IHP 150, Registered San Francisco, ON 202300

Source: Alaska Packers Association Records (1982) “Alaska Shipwrecks 1741-1939” Microfilm

EXPLORER (1906)     The 15 ton 50 foot wooden stern wheel steamer Explorer foundered at Russian Mission on the Yukon River May 3, 1906.

Mapping and Location: Central Alaska   61 47 N 161 19 W

Additional Information: Length 50, Breadth 12, Depth 2.5, Built Mare Island California 1885, Home Port Saint Michael, ON 136583

Sources: 1. Merchant Vessels of the U S (1909) “Vessels Reported Lost” Pg 391, 2. Alaska Packers Association Records Microfilm (1982)  

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