Central Alaska Rivers Shipwrecks ( N )

NEW RACKET (1897)     The stern wheeler New Racket was lost in the breakup of the Yukon River in the spring of 1897.  The vessel ended up “in a blind slough about four miles above the trading post at Pelly, back in the timber about a quarter mile on a stump.”  The New Racket was about 50 feet in length.

Mapping and Location: Central Alaska

Source: The H W McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest (1966) Pg 9

NUNIVAK (1909)     The 681 ton 180 foot wooden stern wheel steamer Nunivak stranded at Nenana on the Tanana River May 7, 1909 and became a total loss.  The seven persons aboard made it to safety.

Mapping and Location: Central Alaska

Additional Information: Tonnage 681 Gross 429 Net, Built 1898 San Francisco, Length 180, Breadth 37, Depth 7, Registered Seattle, ON 200528

Sources: 1. Shipwrecks of the Alaskan Shelf and Shore (1992), 2. U S Custom Wreck Report

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