Central Alaska Rivers Shipwrecks ( P )

PETER (1919)     The 458 ton wooden scow Peter was lost at Chena at 10:00 a.m. May 9, 1919.  The following are statements found in the casualty report:

                “Vessel was placed in slough at Chena, Alaska, just before the freeze up in the fall of 1918; when the river broke up the following May it was unusually high and the vessel was carried away by the ice and crushed and broken up”  “Total loss”  “Poor locating of winter quarters”

                The Peter was listed with a value of $5,000 and had no cargo.  There was no insurance on the vessel, which was owned by Waechter Brothers of Fairbanks.

                Mapping and Location : Central Alaska

                Additional Information : Tonnage 458, Built in 1902 at Tacoma WA, Registered St Michael and Juneau, ON 54606

                Source : U S C G Report of Casualty August 18, 1923 at Fairbanks by J Fred Struthers, Manager, Waechter Bros. Co.


PUP #1 (1916)     The 24 ton wooden scow Pup #1 was crushed by ice and lost at Chena August 16, 1916.

                Mapping and Location : Central Alaska

                Additional Information : Tonnage 24 Gross and Net, Built 1905 at Ballard WA, Registered Seattle, ON 162427

                Sources : 1. The H W McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest (1966) Pg 269, 2. Merchant Vessels of the U S (1918) Loss of American Vessels Reported During Fiscal Year 1918 Pg 442

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