Northern Alaska Shipwrecks ( I )

INDIAN CHIEF (1857)     The 401 ton whaling ship Indian Chief was stove in by ice and lost in the Arctic August 25, 1857.  Lost in the disaster were the 3rd mate and lifeboat crew.  The Indian Chief left New London, Conn. September 29, 1856 and had a cargo of whale oil and bone when lost.

Mapping and Location: Northern Alaska Unknown

Source: Shipwrecks of the Alaskan Shelf and Shore (1992)

INO (1888)     The 98 ton wooden schooner Ino drug anchors, stranded and was lost at 4:00 a.m. Thursday August 8, 1888 at Cape Smith (Smyth) near Point Barrow along with four other whaling vessels in a strong gale. The schooner Jane Grey and barks Young Phoenix, Mary and Susan and Fleetwing were also wrecked; caught on the same lee shore.  All crews were rescued by the Revenue Cutter Bear.  The Ino hailed out of San Francisco and had a crew of 21 with captain Nicholas Wagner of San Francisco at the helm.  Her value at the time of the wreck was $23,000.  She had a cargo of ballast, stores, whaling gear and goods also reported lost with the Ino.

Mapping and Location: Northern Alaska   71 17 35 N 156 47 15 W   Chart 16005

Comment: Lewis & Dryden list this vessel as Ion. WG

Additional Information: Tonnage 98, Age 21 years, Registered San Francisco, ON 12269, Owner Martin Frank of San Francisco, Vessel Insurance $12,500

Sources: 1. U S Customs Wreck Report filed December 13, 1889 in San Francisco by Frank, 2. Lewis and Dryden’s Marine History of the Pacific Northwest (1961 Reprint) Pg 361

IVY (1908)     The 103 foot 135 ton wooden schooner Ivy was driven ashore by ice at Point Barrow and abandoned at 3:50 a.m. Tuesday September 1, 1908.  The crew of 7 left San Francisco June 3, 1908 bound for Point Hope and Point Barrow.  All cargo had been discharged at the time of the stranding.  The following are comments from the wreck report filed at San Francisco by Morris Marcus, managing owner:

“Point Barrow, Alaska…Anchored in 3 fathoms, watch on deck, on the night of August 31…Driven ashore by ice pack…SSW wind, clear weather 5 p.m. ice all around vessel, hard aground.”  “Leaking badly.  No prospect of saving vessel.  Called board of survey which condemned vessel.  Crew took passage to Seattle per schooner Volante, and arrived Seattle September 25, 1908.”

The Ivy was valued at $5,000 with $4,000 worth of insurance on the vessel.

Mapping and Location:  Northern Alaska   71 23 29 N 156 28 30 W   Chart 16003

Comment: H W McCurdy (Pgs 155&168) has this vessel lost again in 1909. WG

Additional Information: Length 102.5, Breadth 28.8, Depth 8.8, Built 1882 San Francisco, Tonnage 135, Registered San Francisco, ON 100312, Master F Lingvist of Berkeley California, Owner Morris Marcus of San Francisco

Source: U S Customs Wreck Report filed September 30, 1908 at San Francisco


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