South West Alaska Shipwrecks ( E )

ELIZA ANDERSON (1898)     The 197 ton schooner rigged side wheel steamer Eliza Anderson drug anchor and stranded on the beach at Unalaska March 1, 1898 during a heavy gale.  There was only a watchman aboard at the time.  The Revenue Cutter Service reported that

“the boat was sent up full of miners who were defrauded into believing it was seaworthy, when it was in fact a heap.  They abandoned her in Unalaska in September of 1897.”

The vessel had departed Seattle August 10, 1897 bound for Saint Michael.  At the time of the casualty, she was valued at $10,000 and had no insurance.

                Mapping and Location : Southwest Alaska  53 52 30 166 32 W  Chart 16006

                Additional Information : Tonnage 197.49, Age 39 years, Registered Seattle, ON 7967, Master Thomas Powers of Seattle, Owner Yukon Transportation Company of Seattle

                Sources : 1. U S Customs Wreck Report filed at Puget Sound, 2. File of the Revenue Cutter Service 1867-1914, 3. H W McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest (1966) Pg 40


ELIZABETH (1904)     The 327 ton wood scow Elizabeth foundered and was lost 270 miles NWW of Cape Cheerful at 6 a.m. Monday August 8, 1904.  She was under tow by the steamer Irene of Port Townsend, having left Unalaska August 4 bound for Saint Michael.  The Elizabeth was loaded with 190 tons of cargo including 40 tons of coal and 100 cords of wood, all valued at $500.  The only crewman of the Elizabeth was aboard the Irene at the time of the loss.  The cause was a strong gale and heavy seas. The Elizabeth was valued at $5,000 and was only two months old at the time of the casualty.

                Mapping and Location : Southwest Alaska  54 00 50 N 166 40 20 W  Chart 16006

                Additional Information : Tonnage 327, Registered Port Townsend Washington, ON 162206, Master and Owner John D Anderson of Saint Michael, Insurance none

                Source : U S Customs Wreck Report file August 10, 1904 at Unalaska by Anderson


EUNICE (1932)     The 42 ton wooden oil screw Eunice stranded and was lost at 11 p.m. August 4, 1932 on the east side of Carlisle Island.  She had a crew of four aboard and had left Unalaska August 2, 1932 bound for Atka and way ports.  Her cargo was 30 short tons of general merchandise worth $3,100.  The crew survived the casualty and her master, Andrew Nelson of Unalaska made the following statements in the casualty report:

                “No wind but very dark and a heavy fog.”  “Man was on lookout continuously but owing to heavy fog nothing could be seen.”  “Poor visibility and compass out of order…stranding on beach…on Carlisle Island, on east side.”  “After vessel had stranded it was discovered that nothing could be done to save her, and an examination of the compass showed that instrument was badly out of order.”

                The casualty reports the value of the Eunice at $17,500 and her insurance $13,500.  The cargo was fully insured as well.

                Mapping and Location : Southwest Alaska  52 53 30 N 170 03 30 W  Chart 16501

                Comment : H W McCurdy (Pg 419) has the diesel powered fishing vessel Sunrise lost at Carlisle Island the same year.

                Additional Information : Tonnage 42 Gross 34 Net, Built 1917, Registered Juneau, ON 215117, Owner Alaska Commercial Co of San Francisco

                Source : U S Coast Guard Report of Casualty filed August 13, 1932 at Unalaska


EVERETT HAYES (1927)     The 39 ton oil screw steamer Everett Hayes stranded and was lost at 3 p.m. May 10, 1927 at Nikolski on Umnak Island.  The crew of seven, with A C Goss of Unalaska at the helm had departed Unalaska April 18, 1927 with a $6,000 cargo of “tins and canneries” aboard.  The voyage was to be round trip with Yunaska as a main stop.  The crew made it to safety but the Everett Hayes, valued at $15,000 is listed as a total loss along with the cargo.  There was a blanket insurance policy on the cargo and $10,000 on the vessel.  Weather at the time of the loss was “half gale, heavy seas.”

                Mapping and Location : Southwest Alaska  52 56 23 N 168 51 35 W  Chart 16500

                Additional Information : Tonnage 39 Gross 30 Net, Built 1892, Registered Unalaska, Owner Clara Goss of Unalaska

                Source : U S Coast Guard Report of Casualty filed June 17, 1927 at Juneau by A C Goss



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