South West Alaska Shipwrecks ( F)

FANTASEA (1983)     The fishing vessel Fantasea sank at Constantine Harbor January 1, 1983.

Mapping and Location: Southwest Alaska   51 24 30 N 179 19 E   Chart 16012

Source: BOEM Alaska Shipwreck List (2011)


FEARLESS (1901)     The 248 ton steam whaling bark Fearless struck a rock while at anchor on the south side of Dutch Harbor November 30, 1901 and was lost.  The vessel value at the time of the casualty was $30,000 no cargo.  The crew of 28 all survived. The Fearless had departed Plain Bay November 3, 1901 bound for San Francisco.

Mapping and Location: Southwest Alaska   53 54 N 166 31 W   Chart 16520

Sources: 1. Shipwrecks of the Alaskan Shelf and Shore (1992), 2. The H W McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest (1966) Pg 72

FLY BOY (1983)     The 56 foot crab fishing vessel Flyboy capsized and sank February 27, 1983 off of Lava Point on Akutan Island.  Captain Ove Haagensen (53) was lost attempting to right the vessel.  Two other crewmen, Alex Tcherepaiyaoff and Dale Lott were rescued.

Mapping and Location: Southwest Alaska   54 10 20 N 166 04 45 W   Chart 16520

Sources: 1. Unofficial Wreck List (Kodiak), 2. BOEM Alaska Shipwreck List (2011), 3. The Oregonian (March 15, 1983) “Bering Sea claims 16 in winter storms” Pg B6


FOREMOST (1977)     The 166 ton 86 foot steel oil screw crab fishing vessel Foremost rolled over and sank May 4, 1977 approximately 75 miles east southeast of Saint George Island toward Cape Sarichef.  All 5 crewmembers were rescued by the Seattle based fishing vessel Sea Venture.

Mapping and Location: Southwest Alaska   54 35 50 N 164 55 30 W   Chart 16011

Additional Information: Tonnage 166 Gross 99 Net, Length 86.6, Breadth 24, Depth 9.8, Built 1970 at San Diego CA, Horsepower 775, SL WY9754, ON 527506

Sources: 1. Unofficial Wreck List, 2. Merchant Vessels of the U S (1976) Pg 447, 3. Seattle Times (May 5, 1977) “Seattle crab boat sinks in Bering Sea; crew saved” Pg E14


FOUR SONS (1978)     The 72 foot fishing vessel Four Sons stranded and was lost December 22, 1978 on Unalaska Island.  The crew was picked up by the American Viking and taken to Dutch Harbor.

Mapping and Location: Southwest Alaska   53 35 N 166 50 W   Chart 16011

Sources: 1. Unofficial Wreck List, 2. BOEM Wreck List (2011)


FREDERICK A (1936)     The gas screw Frederick A drug anchor and stranded in Akutan Bay Sunday September 13, 1936 and was lost about 2 ½ miles east of the southern peninsula of Akutan Bay.  There was no one on board when a gale blew the vessel ashore.  The Frederick A was valued at $4,800 with no cargo and had no insurance.  The hull became a total loss but the engine and equipment were salvaged.

Mapping and Location: Southwest Alaska 54 08 05 N 165 46 20 W   Chart 16531

Additional Information: Tonnage 12 Gross 10 Net, Built 1920, Registered Juneau, ON 219974, Owner Frederick Anderson of Unalaska

Source: U S Coast Guard Report of Casualty filed by Leon Anderson April 16, 1937

FUKUYOSHI MARU NO 85     The Japanese longliner Fukuyoshi Maru No. 85 was abandoned after an explosion and fire February 8, 1987 approximately 120 miles northwest of Dutch Harbor.  One crewmember was lost and 25 others picked up by sister ship Fukuyoshi Maru 8.  The U S Coast Guard sank the burned out vessel six days later. The Fukuyoshi Maru 85 was in use by U S National Marine Fisheries in a foreign fisheries program counting fish. The fire was reported to have started from a propane explosion in the galley of the ship. 49 year old Toshitaka Sakaguchi, a crewmember from Japan was believed to have died in the explosion.

Mapping and Location: Southwest Alaska   53 54 N 166 31 W   Chart 16011

Sources: 1. BOEM Alaska Shipwreck List (2011), 2. The Oregonian (February 20, 1987) “Survivor recalls explosion” Pg D8, 3. Daily Sitka Sentinel (February 12, 1987) “Fishing Boat Burning In Bering Sea” Pg 6

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