South West Alaska Shipwrecks ( H )

HALCYON (1918)     The 68 ton wooden gas screw Halcyon broke her mooring chains in a strong SW storm and foundered Tuesday November 12, 1918 at Akutan.  No one was aboard the vessel at the time of the disaster.  The following are remarks from the report of casualty filed by T Williamson, foreman of the North Pacific Sea Products Whaling Station at Akutan:

“Severe SW storm towards evening and very dark.”  “Akutan Bay, Akutan, Alaska….vessel broke mooring…foundered.”  “Vessel was laid up at mooring for winter, had two anchors down, no one on board.  Vessel must have broken anchor chains.”  “Unable to do anything as no vessel was available to assist and weather was too bad for the small boat we had.”  “Total loss”

It was not known if the Halcyon, valued at $25,000 was insured.  She was owned by North Pacific Sea Products of Seattle.

Mapping and Location: Southwest Alaska   54 11 N 165 43 W   Chart 16531

Additional Information: Tonnage 68 Gross 50 Net, Built 1887, Registered St Paul Minn and Seattle Wash, ON 95914, Master John Berntzen of Seattle, Crew 12, Last Port Seattle May 1918

Source: U S Customs Report of Casualty November 15, 1918 by Williamson

HAWAIIAN PRINCESS (1988)     The catcher processor Hawaiian Princess was consumed by fire July 1, 1988 approximately 100 nautical miles northwest of Dutch Harbor.  All seven crewmembers escaped to a life raft and were picked up an hour later by the fishing vessel Bering Sea.  The burned out hulk of the Hawaiian Princess was sent to the bottom by the United States Coast Guard, who pumped over 800 rounds of machine gun fire into the vessel to sink her.  The Hawaiian Princess was considered unsalvageable and a hazard to navigation.

Mapping and Location: Southwest Alaska   53 54 N 166 31 W   Chart 16011

Source: BOEM Alaska Shipwreck List (2011)


HELLION (1979)     The 60 foot crab fishing vessel Hellion disappeared November 23, 1979 with three crewmen aboard.  The vessel departed Dutch Harbor November 22nd to pick up crab pots at sea and deliver them to Beaver Inlet.  A storm with winds to 70 knots and seas to 20 feet came through the following day.  Lost were captain and owner Ronald Hoffman of Seldovia, and crewmembers Walt Laughhead of Seldovia and Aaron Goin (19) of Oregon.

Mapping and Location: Southwest Alaska   53 50 N 166 15 W   Chart 17011

Additional Information: Tonnage 38 Gross 30 Net, Length 59, Breadth 13.6, Depth 5.1, Built 1944 Omaha NB, Construction steel, 195 HP, Service freight, Former Name LCMC 48092 (USN), SL WC2198, ON 255093

Sources: 1. Seattle Daily Times (January 5, 1980) Pg D8, 2. BOEM Alaska Shipwreck List (2011), 3. Merchant Vessels of the U S (1979) Pgs 627 & 1911, 4. Family member correspondence (2015) WG


HOKUTO MARU NO 5 (1979)     The Japanese fishing vessel Hokuto Maru No 5 sank after a collision with the Japanese fish processor Tsuda Maru July 5, 1979 southwest of Saint Paul Island in the Bering Sea.  Six crewmembers from the Hokuto Maru No 5 were lost.  20 others from both vessels were rescued by the U S Coast Guard.

Mapping and Location: Southwest Alaska   57 10 N 170 15 W   Chart 16011

Source: BOEM Alaska Shipwreck List (2011)


HOLY CROSS (1992)     The 79 foot crab fishing vessel Holy Cross flooded and sank February 16, 1992 near the Pribilof Islands.  All five crewmen were rescued by the fishing vessel El Dan.

Mapping and Location: Southwest Alaska   57 N 170 W   Chart 16011

Additional Information: Length 79.9, ON 515144, Call Sign WY5654

Sources: 1. Unofficial Shipwreck List (Kodiak), 2. BOEM Alaska Shipwreck List (2011), 3. USCG MISLE Case # 891517


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