South West Alaska Shipwrecks ( I )

ILIAMMA (1901)     The 17 ton 40 foot wooden schooner Iliamma slipped her moorings at Unga November 25, 1900 and drifted to the west until 4 p.m. February 20, 1901 when she stranded at Kagalaska Island in a full SW gale.  The following are excerpts from the Wreck Report filed by the only occupant of the vessel, her master Charles Seymour of Portland Oregon:

                ”Unga, 25th of November, 1900…Dragged her mooring, slipped cable, and went to sea; sprung rudderhead and drifted to west until lost.”  “Kagalaska Island, Lat 54 45 Long 176 26 W…Stranded, No anchors, made lines fast to rocks, lines parted and vessel got on the beach…Full gale SW. 4 p.m.”  “Had only one kedge, having slipped moorings when in Unga; kedge dragged; made lines fast to rocks, and they parted.  Island not inhabited.”

                “After losing vessel, took small boat endeavoring to make my way to some settlement.  Fell in with a hunting party from Atka Id. (natives) who conveyed me to Atka, where I took passage on the schooner Challenge.”

                Mapping and Location : Southwest Alaska  54 45 N 176 26 W  Chart 16471

                Comment : Probably 51 45 N at southwest end of Kagalaska Island.  WG

                Additional Information : Length 40, Breadth 12.5, Depth 4.5, Built 1899 Cook Inlet, Tonnage 17 Net, Registered Sitka, ON 100690, Master Charles Seymour of Portland Oregon, Owner Henry Arnold of Seattle, Vessel Value $1,800, Cargo none, Insurance none

                Source : U S Customs Wreck Report filed at Unalaska by Seymour May 27, 1901


ISKUM (1931)     The 82 ton wooden oil screw Iskum struck a submerged rock and foundered at 8:50 p.m. Wednesday April 15, 1931.  The crew of 18 managed to reach safety but the Iskum, valued at $24,000, and her 40 ton cargo of groceries, salt, dories and a motorboat were lost.  The following is a accounting as stated in the report of casualty by George L Devenny of Seattle, the master of the Iskum:

                “Calm, no wind, dusk.”  “Struck rock about three miles ExN Aasatanak, Pacific of south side of Aleutian Islands, Latitude 52 degrees 2 minutes North; Longitude 174 degrees 22 minutes west…Uncharted sunken rock.”

                “Vessel struck and was only fast for about 60 seconds.  Port bow was badly caved in and vessel slid off the rock.  I know of a harbor about 15 miles distant and endeavored to mke it but vessel foundered before I was able to get to harbor.  Vessel did not sink for several hours after the accident but ship was abandoned about 1 hour and 10 minutes after striking rock and sunk later on.  Immediately sent to Atka Village for help but before help could arrive vessel had sunk.”  “Power dories from Atka Village towed crew back to Village next day.”

                Mapping and Location : Southwest Alaska  52 02 N 174 25 30 W  Chart 16480

                Comment : Probably submerged rock 3 miles NE of Sadatanak Island. WG

                Additional Information : Tonnage 82 Gross 68 Net, Built 1912, Registered Juneau, ON 220172, Owner Kanaga Ranching Co of Seattle, Last Port Atka April 15, 1931, Destination Kanago Harbor, Kanago Island, Insurance believed to be full coverage

                Source : U S Coast Guard Report of Casualty filed at Ketchikan by Devenny June 3, 1931



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