South West Alaska Shipwrecks ( J )

J B WARD (1902)     The 28 ton 48 foot wood schooner J B Ward parted both anchor chains and stranded in Inunudah Bay on Umnak Island at 6 p.m. Saturday September 6, 1902.  The vessel departed Unalaska August 29, 1902 bound for Umnak with two passengers and three crew.  She was carrying 15 tons or $1,500 worth of general cargo.   Conditions at the time were reported as a gale, rough seas, cloudy and evening.  Three anchors and two chains had been put out to avoid the casualty.  The J B Ward, worth $2,000, became a total wreck.  Half of her cargo was salvaged.  There was no insurance on the vessel or her cargo.  The passengers and crew were rescued by the U S Revenue Cutter Manning who brought them to Unalaska, arriving September 29, 1902.

                Mapping and Location :  Southwest Alaska  53 18 N 168 25 W  Chart 16500

                Comments : Probably Inanudak Bay.  H W McCurdy (Pg 84) has this wreck at Unimak December 6th, 1902.  WG

                Additional Information : Tonnage 28, Length 48.2, Breadth 15.5, Depth 6.4, Built 1893 at Georgetown Washington, Registered Unalaska, ON 77108, Owner and Master Hugh McGlashan of Unalaska

                Source : U S Customs Wreck Report filed October 2, 1902 by McGlashan


JAMES ALLEN (1894)     The 117 foot 330 ton whaling bark James Allen struck a rock at the east end of Amlia Island at 1:30 a. m. May 11, 1894 and was lost with 25 souls.  She had sailed out of San Francisco April 14, 1894 bound for whaling in the Arctic Ocean with 49 crew and 9 passengers aboard.  The vessel was carrying about 250 tons of cargo and stores worth $30,000.  The following are excerpts from the wreck report filed by Captain Arthur Huntley, master of the James Allen:

                “Wind about 30 miles per hour, thick weather, dark.”  “Ship some 30 miles to the west of supposed position.”  “Sunken rock east end Amlia Island, Seguam Pass (One of the Aleutian Islands Lat 52N Lon 174) Hole in ships bottom caused by striking rock.”  “Striking three times; Nothing was seen of the rock.  Ship close hauled on the wind, heading to the NE.”  “At the time of this statement 15 men are unaccounted for. (Later report states 25 lost)”  “to myself and 16 men Capt. M Healy, U S S Bear rescued and provided for. Str. Dora rescued 8 others.” 

                The James Allen, worth $10,000 and her cargo were listed as total losses.  The vessel had $15,000 worth of insurance.

                Mapping and Location : Southwest Alaska  52 04 N 173 30 W  Chart 16012

                Additional Information : Tonnage 330, Length 116.7, Breadth 27.8, Depth 17.1, Built 1877 at Bath ME, Registered San Francisco, ON 75940, Master J Arthur Huntley of San Francisco, Owner Jas. McKenna of San Francisco

                Source : U S Customs Wreck Report filed by Huntley June 28, 1894


JINKO MARU (1871)     The Japanese junk Jinko Maru washed ashore at Adak May 15, 1871 with three surviving crew aboard.  The vessel was travelling from Ise to Kamano, Japan with a cargo of rice in November of 1870 when she lost her rudder and masts in a storm and went adrift.  The survivors were eventually taken to San Francisco aboard the H M Hutchinson.

                Mapping and Location : Southwest Alaska  51 45 N 176 45 W  Chart 16471

                Sources : 1. Shipwrecks of the Alaskan Shelf and Shore (1992), 2. BOEMRE Shipwreck List (2011)



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