South West Alaska Shipwrecks ( L )

LAURADA (1899)     The 1256 ton 230 foot iron steamer Laurada sprung a leak and was run ashore in Zapadni Bay, St George Island at 11 a.m. September 28, 1899.  The Laurada left Seattle September 12th bound for Nome with 18 passengers and 46 crew.  She was carrying 1,200 tons of assorted cargo including cattle and sheep on deck.  After the vessel stranded, the USCG cutter Corwin rescued the passengers and crew.  The wreck report states that the cargo was a total loss and the Laurada a total wreck.  The vessel was valued at $30,000 with $10,000 worth of insurance.  The cargo was valued at $50,000 with insurance for $40,000.

                Mapping and Location : Southwest Alaska  56 34 N 169 41 W  Chart 16381

                Additional Information : Tonnage 1256, Length 230.1, Breadth 30.2, Depth 17.8, Built Middlesboro England 1864, Registered Seattle, ON 141364, NHP 1,200, Master F M White, Owner Seattle Steamship Company

                Source : U S Customs Wreck Report filed by F M White November 25, 1899 at Puget Sound


LETTIE (1919)     The 27 ton wooden schooner Lettie stranded and was lost at 12:15 a.m. Monday August 4, 1919 near Samalga Island.  The vessel departed Atka with A C Goss of Unalaska, owner and master and three other crewmen aboard bound for Unalaska via Unimak.  They were carrying 4 tons of general merchandise and salt codfish worth $600.  The following statements are from the casualty report made by Goss:

                “Dense fog and strong tides.  Very light air, moonlight but thick.”  “Careful deck watch.  Master on deck from 8:00  p.m. 3rd, and at wheel when grounded.”  “STRANDED…Samalga Reef S.W. end Samalga Is.”  “Tide falling, brisk breeze sprang up on floodtide.  Heavy sea set in.  Abandoned ship at 4:10 a.m.”

                The Lettie was valued at $4,500 and her complete loss was reported as $5,100 with cargo.  The vessel had no insurance but the cargo had an open policy for $600.

                Mapping and Location : Southwest Alaska  52 47 N 169 12 W  Chart 16500

                Additional Information : Tonnage 27 Net and Gross, Age 10 years, Registered Unalaska, ON 206409

                Source : U S Coast Guard Report of Casualty at Unalaska August 20, 1919 by Goss


LILLIE (1907)     The schooner Lillie was wrecked at Unalaska March 30, 1907 and became a total loss.

                Mapping and Location : Southwest Alaska  53 52 30 N 166 32 W  Chart 16528

                Source : The H W McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest (1966) Pgs 137&294


LISTER (1922)     The 21 ton wooden gas screw Lister stranded and was lost at 3:00 a.m. Friday November 17, 1922.  The vessel departed Umnak Island November 16 with four crewmen aboard bound for Unalaska.  According to part owner and master of the Lister, F H Larsen of Unalaska, an incorrect compass put the vessel off course in the dark of night.  The vessel stranded about 10 miles south of “Cape Makushen” on Unalaska Island.  The crew escaped to safety, but the Lister, valued at $4,000 was estimated to be a total loss.  She had no cargo save ballast and no insurance.

                Mapping and Location : Southwest Alaska  53 45 30 N 167 01 20 W  Chart 16500

                Comment : Probably Makushin Point.  There is a wreck market on Chart 16500 outside of Skan Bay at about the right distance and direction from Makushin Point.  WG

                Additional Information : Tonnage 21 Gross 14 Net, Age 18 years, Registered Unalaska, ON 201174, Owner Henry Swanson of Unalaska

                Source : U S Coast Guard Report of Casualty December 20, 1922 by Larsen


LOUIS WALSH (1902)     The 1433 ton ship Louis Walsh broke loose from her moorings in a gale and wrecked near Dutch Harbor in 1902.  The ship was washed ashore on the Dutch Harbor spit where she sat high and dry.  The hull was stripped and eventually broke up.  The Louis Walsh was built in Bath, Maine in 1861.

                Mapping and Location : Southwest Alaska  53 54 N 166 31 W  Chart 16529

                Sources : 1. The H W McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest (1966) Pg 94, 2. Shipwrecks of the Alaskan Shelf and Shore (1992)



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  1. Hi Capt. I found a rectangle brass port with square corners buried in the beach on the north side of ballyhoo (east of and north of the airport in makushon bay) about 1 mile from the airstrip directly below the near vertical cliff 30feet from it’s base. A pic is with this note. Just a corner was sticking out. Could this b the m/v Lister nov 17 1922 I found it in 1988 working as a diver with magone marineit is solid brass 24 x 26 inches. A great find and still a mystery. Capt. Joseph mccord

    1. The Lister sank traveling from Umnak to Unalaska, “about 10 miles south of Unalaska Island” according to the wreck report filed by her master. Though it is possible that she sank in the area you mention, there were many other vessels lost in the vicinity that may have had square ports. The Eliza Anderson of 1898, Fearless of 1901, Thornton of 1886, Lewis Walsh of 1902, Mermaid of 1899 and Bender Bros. of 1907 were all wrecked near Dutch Harbor and are possible candidates, although the last two were later salvaged. With only one piece to the puzzle, the possibilities are endless. It could be someone was using that piece of metal to weight down a ground line for fishing halibut or something completely unrelated to a wreck.

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