South West Alaska Shipwrecks ( A )

ABBIE M DEERING  (1903)     On Friday, September 4th, 1903, at 6 a.m., the American wood schooner Abbie M Deering drifted onto a reef on the southern small island on the northwest side of Akutan Pass, in the Aleutian Islands, and was reported a total loss, including cargo.  The schooner had departed from Nome on August 26th, in ballast, with a cargo of thirty tons of cigar case and mats, bound for Seattle and way ports.  The accident occurred in the early morning fog, when the vessel became unmanageable due to a heavy current setting onto the northwest end of the island.  Her crew attempted to avoid the casualty by getting out an anchor, but to no avail.  The crew worked for thirty eight hours trying to pull the vessel off of the reef.  H Ohlemnts of Seattle, Washington, the schooner’s master, assisted the crew of the U S Revenue Cutter Manning, upon their arrival, in the removal of the thirty one passengers and eight crew.  The mate was left in charge of the wreck and all passengers and crew, except a few who remained in Dutch Harbor, went on to Seattle.

                Mapping and Location:  Southwestern Alaska   54 N 166 10 W  Chart 16520, 16528

                Additional Information:  Tonnage 96 net, Built Maine 1883, Registration Seattle, ON 106152, Owners A.H. Harrington, C. Dankert, H. Ohlemntz, of Seattle, Washington, Estimated vessel value $5,500, Estimated cargo value $100, Vessel Insurance $2,500, Cargo Insurance none.

                Sources:  1. U S  Customs Wreck Report Alaska Collection District 2. H. W. McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest (1966), Pg 94.


ALLOWAY (1929)     During a southeast gale at 11:30 a.m. on February 12, 1929, the American Steam Ship Alloway stranded on Ugamak Island in Unimak Pass and became a total loss.  She had departed Seattle, Washington on January 29th bound for Yokahama, Japan with a crew of 35, captained by H S Throckmorton of Seattle.  The ship’s cargo was approximately $80,000 worth of lumber.  On February 10th the engine failed and on February 11th she was taken in tow by the S S Montauk of the American Mail Line bound for Shanghai, China.  “The towing cable broke on February 12 in Unimak Pass and near Ugamak Island.  Steamer being helpless, anchor was let go, failed to hold, ship dragged fast toward breakers, ship was abandoned.”

                The S S Montauk collided with the Alloway just after the towing cable parted sustaining $10,000 worth of damage to her superstructure. The Alloway, valued at $200,000, was lost for good along with her 4,500 ton cargo of lumber.

                Mapping and Location : Southwestern Alaska  54 12 30 N 164 50 W

                Comments : H W McCurdy has this wreck listed at Uganik Island.

                Additional Information : Tonnage 6113 Gross 4383 Net, Built 1918 at Oakland California, Construction Steel, Registration Seattle, ON 216557, Owner C P Cox Corp of Seattle, Insurance unknown.

                Sources : 1. U S Customs Wreck Report 2. The H W McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest (1966) Pg403


ARTHUR (1921)     On November 14, 1921 the wood scow Arthur was deemed to be unsafe because of a rotten hull and dismantled at Alitak Bay on the south end of Kodiak Island.  She was owned by Alitak Packing company at the time and valued at $800.

                Mapping and Location : Southwestern Alaska  56 53 N 154 17 30 W

                Additional Information :  Tonnage 47, Built 1901, Registered Seattle.

                Source : U S Customs Wreck Report


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