Unknown or Uncharted Alaska Shipwrecks ( F )

FRANCIS ALICE (1905)     The 131 ton two masted schooner Francis Alice was wrecked in 1905 in the Bering Sea

                Mapping and Location : Unknown

                Comment : U S Revenue Cutter microfilm has same name vessel lost at Indian Point on the Siberian Coast October 3, 1900.  WG

                Source : Shipwrecks of the Alaska Shelf and Shore (1992)


FRANCIS ALLEN (1905)     The schooner Francis Allen was lost in 1905 in the Bering Sea

                Mapping and Location : Unknown

                Source : The H W McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest (1966) Pg 115

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  1. Fred J. Wood was a wooden four-masted schooner of 1,000 tons — 190 feet long. It sailed from S.F. To Nome (carrying coal and perhaps a few other items needed in Nome) the summer of 1923 ( I believe) and went aground on the return. I don’t know where it went aground, perhaps at the mouth of the Columbia River? My grandfather was on it for the trip up but had an injury which may have caused him to miss the trip back on that ship. (He was made the engineer at the age of 22 because of his experience with gas engines on his father’s ranch in Texas!)

    I would greatly appreciate any further information you can give me about this ship as it fits into a book I am writing about discovering my birth family.

    Patti B. Collins

    1. Thank You for your inquiry. The Fred J Wood washed ashore and broke up in September of 1923 while anchored at Port Clarence north of Nome. I did not have this vessel in my records and will add it asap. I will email you a few of the articles I have located that mention the loss and subsequent disposition of those on board.

  2. I had forgotten that I’d done this! (Dealt with surgery and many other things!) I would greatly appreciate more details about the Fred J. Wood. I know that my grandfather Robbins Smith and his brother K.D. Smith both survived the mishap. Robbins ended up dying from crashing in a glider in Sept. 1938 (as I recall.) in California desert.

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