Unknown or Uncharted Alaska Shipwrecks ( I )

IMPERIAL (1928)     The 30 ton gas screw fishing vessel Imperial disappeared November 15, 1928 along with her crew of six.  The vessel had departed Juneau for deep sea fisheries and was never seen again.  She is believed to have foundered in the Gulf of Alaska in very bad weather.  Lost were the master and owner of the Imperial, James Romain along with Ed Larsen, Elmer Jacobson, –Neiland, Crist Toilswick and Hans Mathisen.  The vessel was valued at $6,000 and was insured for that same amount.

                Mapping and Location : Southeast Alaska Unknown

                Additional Information : Tonnage 30 Gross 23 Net, Built 1917, Registered Ketchikan, ON 214899, Owner and master James Romain of Seattle

                Source : U S Coast Guard Report of Casualty filed at Ketchikan by Albert Johnson January 4, 1929


INDIAN CHIEF (1857)     The 401 ton whaling ship Indian Chief was stove in by ice and lost in the Arctic August 25, 1857.  Lost in the disaster were the 3rd mate and lifeboat crew.  The Indian Chief left New London, Conn. September 29, 1856 and had a cargo of whale oil and bone when lost.

                Mapping and Location : Northern Alaska Unknown

                Source : Shipwrecks of the Alaskan Shelf and Shore (1992) 


INTERNATIONAL (1898)     The steel hulled river steamer International broke loose from a tow by the Conemaugh, filled and sank together with a barge in June of 1898 on a trip from Vancouver to Alaska before reaching the Bering Sea.  The vessel was owned by Empire Transportation Company.

                Mapping and Location : Unknown

                Source : Shipwrecks of the Alaskan Shelf and Shore (1992) 

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