West Central Alaska Shipwrecks ( D )

DEFENDER (1907)     The 44 foot wood schooner Defender foundered at Kuskokwim Bay October 22, 1907.  There was a crew of three aboard and two passengers none of whom were lost.  The home port of the Defender was listed at Saint Michael and she had a value estimated at $1,500. 

Mapping and Location: West central Alaska   59 N 164 W   Chart 16006

Additional Information: Tonnage 17 Gross 17 Net, Length 44, Breadth 15.4, Depth 5, Built Unalakleet 1906, ON 203373

Source: U S Customs Wreck Report

DEFIANCE (1930)     The 7 ton 37 foot gas screw lighterage vessel Defiance “foundered in heavy weather” near Cape Blossom in Kotzbue Sound October 15, 1930.  The crew of four was picked up by the steamer Arthur J Baldwin.  The Defiance was on a trip from Nome to Kotzbue when the casualty occurred.

Mapping and Location: West central Alaska   66 44 N 162 30 W   Chart 514 (INT 814)

Additional Information: Tonnage 7 Gross 5 Net, Length 37, Breadth 9.4, Depth 3.8, Built 1907 at Seattle WA, Registered Nome, ON 204154,  Horsepower 25, Owner Nome Lighterage & Commercial Company, Vessel Value $2,500

Sources: 1. Merchant Vessels of the U S (1931) “Vessels Reported Lost” Pg 939, 2. Merchant Vessels of the U S (1930) Pgs 278-9, 3. Shipwrecks of the Alaskan Shelf and Shore (1992)

DIAMOND K (1910)     The power schooner Diamond K foundered at Cape Darby near Nome October 10, 1910.  The two prospectors aboard the vessel survived.  The Diamond K and prospecting outfit on board had a value of $3,000 and were a total loss.

Mapping and Location: West central Alaska   64 19 N 162 47 W   Chart 16200

Sources: 1. The H W McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest (1966) Pg180, 2. Shipwrecks of the Alaskan Shelf and Shore (1992), 3. Seattle Sunday Times (October 30, 1910) “Nome Power Vessel Wrecked In Storm” Pg 30

DIME (1924)     The 12 ton wooden scow Dime was forced onto the beach and crushed by ice at 1:00 a.m. Wednesday June 25, 1924 about a half mile from Golovin on the Golovin Spit.  The two man crew survived but the Dime, valued at $1,400 with no cargo, was destroyed. The following are statements made by H S Chester, master and owner of the vessel:

            “Strong NW wind and high tide.”  “The strong northwest wind and very high tide brought the ice ashore during the night and the following morning we found the vessel broken to pieces.”

Mapping and Location: West central Alaska   64 35 N 163 10 W   Chart 16200

Additional Information: Built 1917, Registered Nome, ON 167042, Last Port Golovin, Destination White Mountain, Insurance none

Source: U S Coast Guard Report of Casualty filed by Chester July 19, 1924 at Nome

DUSTY DIAMOND (1900)     The 75 foot wooden stern wheel steamer Dusty Diamond drug anchor in a gale to the north end of Golovin Bay and was lost September 12, 1900.  The crew of 6 escaped the wreck, but the Dusty Diamond, valued at $2,000 became a total loss.  There was no cargo and no insurance on the vessel.

Mapping and Location: West central Alaska   64 24 N 163 W   Chart 16006

Additional Information: Length 75, Breadth 17, Depth 4, Tonnage  101 Gross, Built 1898 at St Michael, Registration St Michael, ON 157522, Master W C Cary, Owner Alaska Exploration Co of San Francisco, Last Port Chenik, Destination Golovin

Source: Wreck Report filed at St Michael by I N Hibbard, Agent of Owner July 18, 1901

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