West Central Alaska Shipwrecks ( H )

HARRIET (1900)     The 92 ton schooner Harriet parted an anchor cable in a 40 mile per hour storm two miles west of Nome and was driven ashore at 9:30 p.m. September 6, 1900.  The crew of 9 survived, but the Hariett, valued at $11,000 was a total loss. She was also carrying a $3,000 cargo of dogs, deer and skins of which $1,500 worth was lost.  The vessel was travelling from Mechaitani Bay to Nome.

                Mapping and Location : Westcentral Alaska  64 26 N 165 W  Chart 16006

                Additional Information : Length 91.3, Breadth 26.5, Depth 8.5, Built 1900 Ballard Washington, Tonnage 92, Registration Chicago Ill, ON 96496, Owner and Master J L Crowell of Chicago, Vessel Insurance $3,000, Cargo Insurance none

                Source : U S Customs Wreck Report filed September 15, 1900 at Nome by Crowell


HETTIE B (1919)     None of the seven passengers or three crew were lost when the 15 ton wooden gas screw Hettie B stranded about ½ mile SE from the mouth of Safety Lagoon at 6 p.m. Wednesday October 8, 1919.    The Hettie B was abandoned after her engine had been removed.  She had departed Lost River October 6th bound for Nome.  Master of the Hettie B, John Hegness of Nome stated the following in his casualty report:

                “Gale blowing from the east, heavy SE swell, dusk…extreme low water.”  “STRANDING”  “Kept the engine going and tried to back off the bar, put the dory overboard to try and lighten the vessel.  Threw out an anchor from the bow in order to swing the nose of the vessel into the sea in which condition the vessel was left.”  “Charles Dalquist came to the vessel with a small power boat and took the passengers and crew ashore.” 

                The Hettie B was valued at $3,000 no cargo at the time of the loss and had no insurance.

                Mapping and Location : Westcentral Alaska  64 29 N 164 45 W  Chart 16200

                Additional Information : Tonnage 15 Gross 10 Net, Built 1894, Registered at Nome, ON 96278, Owner George D Schofield of Nome

                Source : U S Coast Guard Report of Casualty filed October 27, 1919 at Nome by Hegness


HUNTER (1900)     The 124 foot 337 ton wooden bark Hunter stranded on a shoal near Cape Romanzoff at 10 a.m. Saturday July 7, 1900 and became a total loss.  The 27 crew all made it safely to the beach but the Hunter, valued at $20,000 and her 500 ton cargo of lumber and general merchandise were lost.  The Hunter had no insurance, but the cargo was insured for $7,000.  The Hunter left Seattle May 6th and was bound for Nome.  The vessel stranded in a strong gale and made efforts to kedge off of the shoal but were unsuccessful.

                Mapping and Location : Westcentral Alaska  61 49 N 166 06 W  Chart 16006

                Additional Information : Length 124, Breadth 28.2, Depth 17.8, Built 1851 at Bath ME, Tonnage 337, Registered Seattle, ON 11317, Master W McKenzie of Seattle, Owner Hunter Trading and Transportation Co of Seattle

                Source : U S Customs Wreck Report filed by McKenzie January 21, 1901



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