West Central Alaska Shipwrecks ( N )

NEW JERSEY (1914)     The 36 foot wooden freight hauling gas schooner New Jersey disappeared with all hands between Sinuk and Point Hope in October 24, 1914.  Five persons were lost in the disaster; captain John Chotok of Nome, O W Ranke of Nome, Joe Ezina, and two Eskimos; Oolock and Kopkonna.  Four of the men were returning from the recently rescued Stefansson Expedition.  Wreckage from the schooner came ashore at Cape Thompson south of Point Hope.

Mapping and Location: West central Alaska   68 08 40 N 165 58 40 W   Chart 16200, 16005

Additional Information: Tonnage 9 Gross 6 Net, Length 36, Breadth 11.2, Depth 3.2, Built 1910 at Ballard WA, Registered Los Angeles CA, ON 207462

Sources: 1. Shipwrecks of the Alaskan Shelf and Shore (1992), 2. Merchant Vessels of the U S (1914) Pg 255, 3. Daily Alaska Dispatch (June 2, 1915) “Wreck of Schooner in the Arctic Ocean” Pg 2, 4. Seattle Daily Times (September 13, 1915) “Mission Vessel Declared Lost” Pg 12, 5. Oregonian (June 11, 1915) “New Jersey Wreckage Found” Pg 5

NOME (1900)     The barge Nome was lost in the storm of October 31, 1900 on the beach at Nome along with a great many other vessels.

Mapping and Location: West central Alaska   64 30 N 165 25 W   Chart 16006

Source: Alaska File of the Revenue Cutter Service 1867-1914 (Microcopy 641) “Vessels lost Bering Sea Summer 1900”

NORA (1913)     The undocumented gas screw Nora was lost while towing the 16 ton wooden schooner Princess October 12, 1913.  Both vessels were found bottom up on the beach a few miles west of Nome.  The Nora and Princess departed St Michael October 9, 1913 bound for the Kuskokwim River with three persons aboard the two vessels.  It is assumed that the vessels were overcome by the southerly gale blowing at the time in Norton Sound.  There were no survivors to give particulars.  Lost were Martin Brimhall, Charles Green and an Eskimo Boy.

Mapping and Location: West central Alaska   64 30 N 165 25 W   Chart 16006

Comment: See Wreck Report for Princess (1913) West central Alaska.  WG

Source: U S Customs Wreck Report for the Princess filed September 5, 1914 at St Michael by Frank Williams, Agent

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