West Central Alaska Shipwrecks ( T )

TELLER (1910)     The 15 ton wooden scow Teller foundered in Grantley Harbor Friday October 7, 1910.  The vessel departed Teller October 7 with two crewmen aboard bound for Marys Igloo.  The following are excerpts from the wreck report filed by S & VV Pean, masters and owners of the Teller:

“Mouth of Tuksuk River, Grantley Harbor”  “Night, calm, sprung a leak, sank”  “Vessel at anchor, none on board”  “Total loss”

The Teller had a value of $1,500 and was carrying 30 tons of general merchandise valued at $5,000.  Both the vessel and her cargo were total losses with no insurance.  There was no loss of life.

Mapping and Location: West central Alaska   65 17 N 166 15 W   Chart 16204

Additional Information: Tonnage 15, Built 1905 at Ballard WA, Registered Nome, ON 162395

Source: U S Customs Wreck Report October 20, 1910

TIMANDRA (1879)     The 119.88 ton wooden brig Timandra struck a reef and was lost near Nunivak Island at 6 a.m. Thursday May 22, 1879.  The vessel sailed out of Honolulu, Hawaii and was bound for the Arctic.  There were 12 officers and crewmen aboard and 75 ton of general merchandise valued at $12,000.  The following are excerpts from the wreck report filed by Wellington Thomas, Master of the Timandra:

“Moderate wind, thick and hazy, swell, dawn”  “Six miles N Nounivak Island”  “Vessel struck reef off West end of Island”  “Thick weather”  “Brig had been off and on the Island for ten days, waiting to communicate with schr. E J McKinnon from San Francisco, to take aboard pilot Hy Ravens”

The Timandra had a value of $12,000 and was a total loss.  $9,000 worth of her cargo was lost.  The crewmen all survived and were assisted by local natives.  There were reports that the Timandra was on an illegal trading expedition and was carrying 3,000 gallons of rum when she ran onto the reef.

Mapping and Location: West central Alaska   60 12 N 167 25 W   Chart 16006

Additional Information: Tonnage 119.88, Built 1859, Registered New Bedford MA, Master Thomas Wellington of San Francisco, Owner Edward Merrill of New Bedford MA, Vessel Insurance $10,000, Cargo Insurance $10,000, SL JBCF

Sources: 1.U S Customs Wreck Report September 24, 1879 by W Thomas at San Francisco, 2. Lewis and Dryden’s Marine History of the Pacific Northwest (1895) Pg 273

TWINS (1928)     The 14 ton 42 foot wooden gas screw fishing vessel Twins was crushed by ice in winter quarters near Golovin at 4 p.m. Wednesday October 31, 1928.  The following is an accounting from the casualty report filed by Frank Preston, master and part owner of the Twins:

“On beach at Golovin, Alaska”  “Close to Little Rocky Point about 5 miles SW of Golovin, Alaska”  “Crushed by ice piling on her”  “Vessel was pulled out on beach for winter and a storm broke up the new ice in the bay and piled it on until it completely crushed her and the waves then completely broke her up”  “Strong SE gale, heavy weather, daylight”  “No assistance rendered”  “The vessel was pulled out for winter and the owners were not near her and when the storm came up no one was there to look after her”

The Twins had a value of $1,000 which was a total loss.  There was no insurance and no cargo aboard.  No lives were lost.

Mapping and Location: West central Alaska   64 33 N 163 02 W   Chart 16006

Additional Information: Tonnage 9 Gross 7 Net, Length 40, Breadth 11.9, Depth 3.7, Built 1919 at Hoonah, HP 18, Registered Nome, ON 205769, Master and part owner Frank Preston of Nome, Owners Frank Preston and Harry Knudson

Sources: 1. U S Coast Guard Report of Casualty June 17, 1929 at Nome, 2. Merchant Vessels of the U S (1928) Pgs 526-7

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