The 2022 ALASKA SHIPWRECKS CALENDAR is ready. Getting anything in a hurry this year is out of the question so I would order as early as possible, especially if these are for Christmas presents. The best way to get any of my publications is to do a word search for “Captain Warren Good” or “Alaska Shipwrecks” at Lulu.com which is where I publish all my stuff. Thanks for your support and Happy Holidays to come.

The back and front of the 2022 ALASKA SHIPWRECKS CALENDAR

Upper and lower parts of the January 2022 ALASKA SHIPWRECKS CALENDAR

There is also a link in the Alaska Shipwreck Store that will connect you to my author spotlight at Lulu.com.

My book ALASKA SHIPWRECKS – 12 MONTHS OF DISASTERS is a good compliment to the ALASKA SHIPWRECKS CALENDAR. It is a month to month accounting of the most significant Alaska shipwrecks with transcribed stories taken directly from survivors. It is also available fromĀ Lulu.com.