Southeast Alaska Shipwrecks Book in the works.

I am working on several new books about Alaska Shipwrecks. Because there are so many maritime disasters, I am dividing the state into areas. The first book in this series will be Shipwrecks of Southeast Alaska. For the purpose of clarity and future study I have divided Southeast Alaska into three areas; Ketchikan Area, Sitka Area and Juneau Area. In the book, each area has a number of waterways associated with it and I have identified the wrecks that took place in each of those waterways and presented details that I have been able to find. I am hoping this will make a good reference book for those interested in identifying wrecks or wreckage they may come across. For example, if you are beachcombing in the area of Lynn Canal and find parts of an old boat, you can go to Lynn Canal chapter of the book and look for wrecks that took place in that area. You can see in the table below that Lynn Canal, which is in the Juneau Area, had 76 wrecks. The following table is a product of the research and conclusions I have put together so far. The count and totals of known shipwrecks will change over time as new “old wrecks” come to light with the research Michael Burwell and I are doing. This Southeast Alaska Shipwreck Table is an accounting of the work done to date.