Alaska Endeavour

The Star of Bengal went down on September 20, 1908, near Coronation Island, Alaska. On its way from the cannery at Wrangell to San Francisco, the ship had 111 laborers locked in the hold. All but one died. After a long federal investigation, no one was held responsible.On March 24th the research vessel Endeavour will depart Wrangell to go look for the wreck. The team is confident they can find it. Their reasons why are described in the mission statement on the Alaska Endeavour website,

This is your chance to participate. You can help sponsor this expedition for as little as $250. As a sponsor, you’ll be invited to participate in a live online session from the Endeavour the night before it leaves Wrangell, and in a second live online session the morning it returns.To find out how you can help sponsor this expedition and join the live sessions, visit

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Star of Bengal