Alaska Shipwrecks Overview

This website is about Alaska Shipwrecks. You can click on any of the links, just under the photograph of the Umnak Native shipwreck at the top of the page, and find thousands of Alaska shipwrecks. They are listed alphabetically, chronologically and geographically, so each wreck can be found in a number of places depending how you search. If you want any further information do not hesitate to ask. My files are large and almost everything is digitized. If you have information or photographs I can add please email [email protected] and let me know.

The Alaska Shipwrecks website is put together and published by Captain Warren Good. To those of you that have helped keep this effort going by clicking on the donations button and sending some support my way, THANK YOU! In an effort to generate a more dependable revenue stream, I have removed the donation button and transitioned into ALASKA SHIPWRECKS LLC. I will be offering a number of products and services which will be detailed in a future post. They will include the use of photographs from my personal collection, research services, author assistance and other maritime and shipwreck related products and services. If interested, please contact [email protected].