ALASKA SHIPWRECKS 1750-2015 Now Available in Soft and Hard Cover

ALASKA SHIPWRECKS 1750-2015 by Captain Warren Good and Michael Burwell is now available on demand in both soft and hard cover. Hardcover books are being discounted by 20% and softcover by 30% for orders purchase directly from Please follow the yellow link to order softcover and blue for hard.
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

This is the second edition of ALASKA SHIPWRECKS and contains much more information than the previous work including expanded detail and information particularly on the larger and more significant shipwrecks in Alaska history. Thousands of names of those lost have been researched and are published in this Alaska shipwreck encyclopedia that have never been available before. Captain Warren Good has combined forces with marine historian Michael Burwell to produce the largest and most complete accounting of Alaska shipwrecks ever.

About captaingood

Captain Warren Good is the owner and administrator of this website and the author of the book ALASKA SHIPWRECKS. He spent much of the 1970's, 1980's and 1990's involved in the fisheries of Alaska. His home base was Kodiak where he made himself available as a cook, deck boss, engineer or skipper. His fishing experiences ranged from Prince William Sound to Norton Sound working on boats out of Kodiak and Dutch Harbor. King crab, tanner crab, opilio crab, shrimp, pollock, cod, sole, halibut and salmon were a few of the fisheries Captain Good was involved in. He achieved his Inspected Master Captain's License in 1988 from the United States Coast Guard. In the late 1970's after losing several close friends to shipwrecks, Captain Good began researching other shipwrecks that had taken place along the vast coastal regions of Alaska. He has retired to Florida, but his Alaska Shipwreck research is ongoing. This site is a forum for that effort.
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