2019 ALASKA SHIPWRECK Calendar and ALASKA SHIPWRECKS: 12 Months of Disasters

The 2019 ALASKA SHIPWRECK Calendars are now available at Lulu.com. I have also just released a new book called ALASKA SHIPWRECKS: 12 Months of Disasters. It is an accounting of the most significant 275 Alaska shipwrecks in history. First hand accounts from survivors are presented in addition to the descriptions of the disasters. The book is presented in a month by month format and compliments the Alaska Shipwreck calendars very well. Go to Lulu.com and search Alaska Shipwrecks to find both the book and calendar.

On this year’s calendar I am spotlighting the vessels that have disappeared and been lost with all hands. They account for a high percentage of all deaths in history that happened during the cold weather months.