The alphabetical list of Alaska Shipwrecks on this site includes more than 3,800 ships. After each entry we have posted three categories, MAPPING AND LOCATION, ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, and SOURCES. The LOCATION given is not the exact location of the shipwreck. It is the location of the nearest point of reference which was reported by whatever source the information came from. For example, if a news article says a wreck occurred in Cook Inlet, we take the longitude and latitude for Cook Inlet, which can be found in the Dictionary of Alaska Place Names by Donald Orth, and post that. The ADDITIONAL INFORMATION is usually extracted from various publication years of the Merchant Vessels of the United States published by the U.S. Department of Transportation. We also use a number of State and Federal internet sites including the USCG PSIX (United States Coast Guard Public Information Exchange) and Alaska CFEC (Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission) for shipwreck vessel and owner information. Our SOURCES are listed as the third or last item with each entry. The sources listed are only for the sources used to produce the entry. We may have many more articles, documents, reports, photographs, videos and other information in a vessel file. Many of our vessel files have enough information to write a book or two. The folders and files in our computers and collections are extensive. We not only have files on all of the vessels but have collected information and media on places, fisheries, people and a large number of related topics. I have personally digitized many books, magazines, photographs, postcards and ephemera from my Alaska Shipwrecks collection. Many cannot be found anywhere else. I specialize in early 20th and 19th century publications. To keep this website and Alaska Shipwreck resource funded, we sell and license a number of products including all of the items mentioned in this paragraph. If you have anything that may be helpful in expanding our folders and files or would like to license or sell any Alaska Shipwreck related products (photographs etc.) I am always looking to expand the collection. If interested, please contact Captain Warren Good at: [email protected].