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Captain Warren Good is the owner and administrator of this website and the author of the book ALASKA SHIPWRECKS. He spent much of the 1970's, 1980's and 1990's involved in the fisheries of Alaska. His home base was Kodiak where he made himself available as a cook, deck boss, engineer or skipper. His fishing experiences ranged from Prince William Sound to Norton Sound working on boats out of Kodiak and Dutch Harbor. King crab, tanner crab, opilio crab, shrimp, pollock, cod, sole, halibut and salmon were a few of the fisheries Captain Good was involved in. He achieved his Inspected Master Captain's License in 1988 from the United States Coast Guard. In the late 1970's after losing several close friends to shipwrecks, Captain Good began researching other shipwrecks that had taken place along the vast coastal regions of Alaska. He has retired to Florida, but his Alaska Shipwreck research is ongoing. This site is a forum for that effort.


ALASKA SHIPWRECKS: 1750 – 2010 is now available as an eBook. It can be purchased for $5.99 at by following this link: It will soon be available at Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple I-Bookstore, Amazon Kindle, Kobo and others. … Continue reading

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PRINCESS SOPHIA passenger list

One of the primary functions of this website is remembering not just the vessels lost in Alaskan waters but the people lost with them. That information is not just historically interesting, it is important to families and their descendants when … Continue reading

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The 2016 ALASKA SHIPWRECKS Calendars are available for order at I have added more eye popping photos and jaw dropping descriptions. Order early and avoid the Christmas Rush. Here is the link where you can review the calendar and … Continue reading

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2015 ALASKA SHIPWRECKS: 1750-2010

Welcome to Navigation buttons are on the top and right side of each page. This site is primitive but I am just an old geezer on social security. I am Captain Warren Good and this information represents 35 or … Continue reading

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Books and Calendars at the Alaska Shipwreck Store

The 2015 ALASKA SHIPWRECK CALENDAR is now available for purchase in the Shipwreck Store on the right. It is being printed on demand at There have been over 3,650 recorded shipwrecks in Alaska history. Captain Warren Good has taken … Continue reading

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ALASKA SHIPWRECKS now available in three volumes

All three volumes of ALASKA SHIPWRECKS are now available in paperback at a discount directly from the printer. Links to Lulu and the three first edition volumes are in the right hand column. Prices and previews are available for each … Continue reading

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Welcome to  This Alaska Shipwreck web site is loaded with information, stories, details and comments about all of the shipwrecks known to have taken place on the waters in and near Alaska.  Most of the information is new to … Continue reading

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The reference book ALASKA SHIPWRECKS is now available for purchase in digital format.  Just click the link on the right hand side of this page that says ALASKA SHIPWRECKS book.  It is an 864 page 10 MB download that condenses … Continue reading

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Finding an Alaska Shipwreck or Lost Alaskan Fisherman

If you are looking for a boat or ship and know the name, click on the Alaska Shipwrecks A-Z link above and search the alphabetical listings.  If you know a fisherman’s name and about when they were lost click on … Continue reading

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Keeled Over in Alaska, a plea to Alaskan Shipwreck Survivors

Many thousands of boats and ships have keeled over and been lost in Alaskan waters.  Along with those were thousands of crew members and passengers who lost their lives with little or no warning.  A good percentage of the tragedies … Continue reading

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